Here are some questions that I am frequently asked by you, and by random people at the grocery store:
Oh, and some cute pictures. 

Are they twins? 
Yes. Duh. Of course. Why do you even ask me this?

Ohmygoshtwins! How did you react when you found out?!
Like {THIS}.

We're like 90% sure that they're identical, but they've never been tested.

Who's older?
Grey, but only by one minute. 

What did they weigh when they were born?
Grey was 5lbs 6oz, and Micah was 4lbs 14 oz. 

Were they premature?
Yes, they were about 5 weeks early. They were born when I was 35w. 2d. pregnant. 

How did you deliver them?
Via C-section. I wanted an all-natural vaginal birth but, a C-sec saved all our lives. So I love C-sections and I love hospitals and I love doctors. 
Except normally, I hate hospitals.
Only during childbirth do I love them.

Do you take all of your own pictures?
With the exception of our wedding... yes. We usually set up a tripod and a timer for family pictures, and every thing I take, even though I have a professional photographer for a husband.

What camera do you use?
We have an assortment of cameras, though I usually take pictures on my iPhone or my Canon 7d. We've also got a Holga and a couple film cameras, but they're only developed annually, so... you won't see much of them.

What lenses do you use?
95% of the time, the lens on my camera is Sigma 30mm, the rest of our lenses are various Canon zoom lenses, a 100mm macro, and a nifty 50. (This is no longer true. The sigma is and was my favorite lens, but it was stolen. I now use various zoom lenses. My current  favorite is an 18-35)

How do you edit your photographs?
Photoshop, yo.


How did you decide on the names Micah, Grey, and August?
Well, they're the names we both liked.  I saw Grey as a middle name somewhere on a blog, and we have a friend named Micah who is very cool, which inspired us. We liked August (and both others, really) because they are old-fashioned but uncommon names, which are nonetheless easy to spell and pronounce.
For a more detailed post of our baby naming decisions, you can read {THIS} about the twins, or {THIS} about August. 

Are you planning on more kids?
Yes. I want between one and three more kids, actually, and Travis wants one or two more... but I'm pretty sure that if neither of the next two babies are girls, I can convince him to keep trying. That man seriously wants a little daddy's girl or two.
But we'll probably wait a couple years before we start trying again.

Will you stay in Utah?
Who knows? There's a chance that we'll be here for the rest of our lives, but more probably we'll move in the next 5 years or so.  Travis' company The Good Line is based out of Salt Lake, so for now we'll be here...  (You can check out Travis’ website TheGoodLine.com by clicking {HERE.})