Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DIY: Stuffed Owl

Whoooo ever said that blue was a color specifically for boys?
I find myself wanting to make everything in blue. It's just too pretty not to!

In fact, if this baby is a boy he might be disappointed with how girly and cutesy the things I have made him are.

But probably not including the owl.
I try to make it my mantra. Gender-neutral, I repeat to myself. Make this gender-neutral.
But then I remember, things for baby girls are cuter.
And I become confused.

Speaking of confused, I think my neighbors have started noticing that several times a week I rush into our yard when that 9 o'clock light hits our house and start photographing the pie I made the night before, some new plums, and now... yes. Stuffed Animals.

I didn't use a pattern for this bird, I just sort of winged it. Ahem.
But that might be why it looks a bit like E.T.
Or why it's so sloppy.
I had to sew, then unpick, then sew several times to get things looking okay.
It might even be too fragile for a baby to actually have. Oops.
Especially those poor, frayed feet.

But things will get better as I get better.
And the more I baby-make the better I'll get, right?

p.s. These aren't fabrics from Ikea. I'll tell you when you see them.


Nana B said...

I think that me and your other grandma will be doing a lot of chuckling as we follow this blog. The owl is a hoot -forgive the pun- and what is wrong with normal fabric stores? They carry gender neutral fabric. Have fun with all of your projects.

Polly said...

the owl is very cute. I agree, it isn't safe for a baby. Last night Kathryn and I saw crib sheets on clearance at Dillards that were Cat in the Hat, or Hop on Pop. They were cute, but cuter for a boy, we didn't know what to do either. We will wait and then shop. I love to shop for babies!

Joy Kara said...

This is absolutely adorable. I am so not crafty, and am immensely impressed by your skill. :)I'm excited to see what else you make!