Monday, September 13, 2010

Hello New World!

Isn't that what babies say (or think, rather) when they come out screaming?
Well, I'm not quite screaming, but this blog does feel a little like a whole new world.

And I am definately embarking on an adventure here. On Friday afternoon my not-so-subtle husband Travis bought me a book called Simple Sewing for Baby. I guess three months is the time when one should get cracking on baby-making. (p.s. Simple Sewing is awesome, whether or not you can sew - which I can't).

So tonight we will go to Ikea and buy heaps of funky, "gender neutral" fabrics and I will begin learning how to use my sewing machine in a way that (hopefully) does not end with me swearing, crying, and/or throwing a cover over the blasted thing and never returning to it.

And I will talk my husband in to letting me buy three more sets of different sizes knitting needles (after checking out Vintage Knits for Modern Babies , deciding scanning every page is wrong and then buying Vintage Knits for Modern Babies.) and I will start nesting like a mad woman.
So far I have one hat and one mobile down.

1 billion adorable baby things to go.

and 1 adorable baby to come. Duh.

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