Friday, September 24, 2010


I heard the baby.
There is only one.
But it is there.

It sounded like this: whoo-whoosh whoo-whoosh whoo-whoosh whoo-whoosh.


Polly said...

what just happened? I was reading a different blog post and followed a link and came back and the blog post was gone. Are you updating? I was going to tell you that they sell vinyls at Target that are super cute and cost way less. I put one up in Kathryn's room that is a tree and owls and birds and I love it and it was only $13.50. That is as far as I got and the post disappeared. I'm glad you heard a heart beat! exciting!

Polly said...

OH, the vinyls at Target are all over the store in at least 3 if not 4 different locations. Some by childrens linens some by the duct tape and drawe pulls and hooks and some by pictue frames.

Chris said...

just so you know, I don't approve of Target

travis pitcher said...

I agree with Chris