Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DIY: Bird Mobile

Are you wondering why I call this blog Baby Making when I obviously do not make things?
I've just been so busy with school and work that the only things I've made are a fabric letter A and a rattle that kind of looks like a giraffe.
A while back, though, I made this bird mobile, which I love.
Even though it's blue, it's kind of girly.
Blue + girly = gender neutral, right?

I saw a mobile like this in a store (for WAY too much money) and decided to try to make it.
After several hours, lots of wasted fabric, and many weirdly shaped birds I tried googling Bird Mobile.
The very first hit was a free pattern for exactly what I wanted!
You can make one, too, even without a sewing machine. Just download the link for Bird Pattern on the sidebar of Spool Sewing.

I've been trying to decide if I should alter it to hang over a crib, on a circle piece of wood or something. What do you think?


Polly said...

I think this is super cute!

Mary said...

this is super cute. Good job becky your baby is going to love this no matter its sex.

Amy said...

I LOVE this! I want to make one right now.
The blue is perfect by the way. It's semi-natural, but still colorful. I mean if you wanted a pink one it would have to be flamingos.

David and Carol Pitcher said...
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David and Carol Pitcher said...

I love the idea of birds flying above a crib. Really cute!!!

tammy said...

I love this mobile, good job.

mylittlehome6 said...

i LOVE this! i LOVE birdies and owls and trees. This is the cutest.

And you make me feel horrible for the fact that I'm 40 weeks today and haven't finished my owl quilt for the baby that I started at 19 weeks.