Friday, October 22, 2010

Wish List

I went through my preteen Nsync faze, like everyone born in the late 80s.

And every Friday I find myself singing "Thank God it's Friday night and I just got paid."
Especially because when I say "Hey, can I buy this?" several times a week Travis usually says, "Yeah, but wait until we're paid on Friday."

I think his logic is that by Friday I usually forget the things I thought I needed and don't buy them.

But here are some things that I'm loving on Etsy, although I don't think I get to buy any of them...
at least not yet.

Have a great weekend!

These sweet wall decals definitely make a room feel like a nursery, right? It might even be gender neutral. Maybe?

Japanese Masking Tape! I bought a few rolls in HK, but now I wish I had seriously stocked up. I asked about it in Joanne's the other day and no one had even heard of it! It's my favorite to decorate with.

I am crazy about these goofy monster slippers. I love that baby things can be kinda dopey, but it's just extra cute. If I wore this I would look like a fool.

This leaf journal would be perfect for my Dear Baby journal. I try to write every few days to my little baby and let him know how I'm feeling or what we're doing. I think it will be a nice keepsake.
But wouldn't it be nicer if it was in a book, not my laptop?
(Also, I refer to my baby by arbitrary gender because I think "it" is creepy and don't want to say "they" in case I become jinxed and have twins.)

Definitely not gender neutral, but wouldn't this be such a cozy quilt to cuddle up in with a baby? And it wouldn't look bad hanging over the side of a crib, either.

And, because I know you've been singing it in your head since I mentioned it, (right?) check out the song Just Got Paid. But it's not Nsync. Did you know that it was a remake?
This creepy music video should fill your Nsync need anyhow, or merely whet it.


Polly said...

Lucky you, you know someone that lives in Japan. Maybe she can help you with the masking tape and you can help her with something from here. I love, love, love the monster slippers, they are awesome! My girlfriend has bought tons of those baby slippers, but not monster style. They are really cute and comfy and fit nice.

Nana B said...

okay, I don't see any pictures of this stuff you're talking about. How do I know what this quilt looks like if I can't see a photo?

Becky Pitcher said...

You can click on the words and it'll take you to the page when you buy them.

Chris said...

Wow, the first time I read this I mistakenly read NSync as Nietzsche. "I don't remember that", I thought. No staring into the abyss thank goodness. Most of the links in your post lead to items that are sold, and there is a backlog for the monster eye slippers. I can't wait to find out what gender you baby is. We went to a funky little kids clothing store yesterday and were able to easily resist buying stuff because we don't what you're having.

suzie said...

i have been craving colored masking tape for exactly four months and one week. every pay day comes and goes, but my life in tape is still white, clear, and black.