Thursday, November 11, 2010

The lovely illustrations of Mr. Henry

Travis and I are really lucky as we are quite good at acquiring awesome and talented friends and then never letting them forget us (we're very needy friends... ahem... I am.)
One such friend is the very talented Jed Henry, who is a children's book illustrator (also, an accomplished maker of pizzas).
I've been spending some time stalking his blog and wanted to share some finds. Wouldn't these prints be so pretty hanging up in a baby's room?

As someone who grew up in the land of lakes, I especially love the one of the dock and row boat.
It makes me feel nostalgic, and the simplicity of the light and shadows really makes me think of water. Which is your favorite?
They're all very pretty, and perfect for children's books (the top one is from his book Pick a Pup) or for hanging up in your house, in your baby's room. (or maybe your room?)
Head on over to Jed's blog to check out the pretty pictures, and be sure to leave a comment so he knows you've been there!

and p.s. Does anyone know why my Facebook Like button has turned into an ugly green box at the bottom of my page?
Or how to get rid of it?

Edit: it's back! Hi facebook. Do you like me?



Polly said...

Awesome! He is very talented. You should write a children's book and have him illistrate it for you.

Marge Bjork said...

land o lakes. I miss land o lakes.