Monday, November 1, 2010

The most wonderful time of the year

It is officially Christmas season.

Halloween has come and gone (yes, barely) and now... *drumroll please* begins my very super duper favorite time of the year.

October is my favorite month, yes.
But Christmas time is more than a month. Christmas time is a state of mind.

Do not fight me.
Do not say to me, "What about Thanksgiving? blah blah blah."

Where are those famous Turkey carols I should sing?
What Thanksgiving movie doesn't eventually turn into a Christmas movie?
Even Thanksgiving foods and Christmas foods are the same.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Thanksgiving. How could I not? It's a holiday filled with traditions like eating until you have to take off your pants, having four slices of pie and not feeling guilty, going to the theater with all your cousins to see the newest Harry Potter movie after dinner (or, some years, rewatching a favorite Harry Potter movie), taking naps in a biggish pile on the couch with your siblings, and -of course- eating some more food... again.

But Thanksgiving is a Christmas Prelude. I celebrate and prepare for Thanksgiving because it is part of Christmas season.
Not because it is especially great on its own (even though it is), but because it's greatness grows in the knowledge that at the end of that Macy's parade is Old St. Nicholas himself.
On Dasher! On Dancer! On Prancer and Vixen!

I have already begun preparing. Using this darling template from Under the Sycamore Tree I made myself a Christmas planner.
Under the cards section of the notebook I have begun writing addresses of people to send our Christmas card to. If you suspect I do not have your address but would like a Pitcher Family Christmas card send your address to my email (

So mine isn't as cute as the one on Under the Sycamore Tree, but that's mostly because I couldn't bring myself to spend more than 2$ on Christmas-themed paper, which means I only got two pieces.
And because I sit at a desk at work (usually doing very little) so no one cares if I'm cutting and pasting as long as the mess doesn't get too big, but inking, stapling, and a large pile of scrapbook gadgets is a little too much.

But I love my book anyway.

So far it's come in really handy, since now that I'm in Christmas mode (fine, I admit that I've been in Christmas mode for two weeks... at least) I have been thinking of perfect Christmas gifts for siblings and writing them down before I forget, and I have a calendar of events which is so helpful.
These aren't pictures of my Christmas Planner, but it's very similar to this one, so I don't feel bad pretending it's mine. Just be sure to check out the cute DIY instructions on Under the Sycamore (and she has dozens more cute DIYs) and Happy Christmas Season!


Elizabeth said...

Wow! You are way more organized than I am! Its doesn't quite seem like Christmas season for me till the first snow fall. (which we strangely haven't had yet)
I wish you were coming here for Thanksgiving so we could go see the new Harry Potter movie together! Those are some good memories!

tammy said...

Though I disagree with you on when the Christmas season starts I am so glad that you love Christmas and that you have a book to organize yourself. I love it. Merry Christmas to you!

Mary said...

Wow thats way cute!

Chris said...

HEY, I thought "your" book was super cute. I happen to know you have functional digital cameras in that house. How about a picture of your book, or a movie with Travis new toy.