Thursday, November 4, 2010

Soft Light

A few months ago our upstairs neighbor had a baby, and I took that baby's picture.
I've been feeling a bit achy for a baby to hold (my nephew's due date was yesterday, why isn't he here for me to snuggle?! I mean... ahem... for his own mother to snuggle.)

And since I spend my time at work sitting in front of a computer, and since I certainly don't want to do any homework, I've been editing these pictures. Finally.
(Maybe it's "like father like daughter," not " like father like son," since I defiantly know a man who edits photos instead of doing homework...)

But I just keep looking at these soft photos, and wanting to snuggle this baby.
Or any baby. Do you have a baby I can hold?

Mmmm. Soft little baby.


1 comment:

ritabobita said...

What a good picture! Hopefully your nephew is here soon so you and his mommy can snuggle him!