Thursday, December 9, 2010

last day of classes!

Today was my last day of classes, hopefully forever!
I do still have a few credits to finish up Independent Study *fingers crossed* and then I am graduated!
And my finals are looking awesome!

I have 1 written final, which is optional. If I don't take it, my grade will remain the same, if I do it could negatively or positively affect my grade. (Spoiler alert: NOT taking it.)

I have 1 group discussion final, wherein I will go to class and my professor will give me and a small group of other students a topic to discuss and then grade me on how well I contribute. Check! I can pass that, no prob.

I have 1 presentation to give, accompanied by an 8 page paper. (This is the final I truly dread, because I am so burned out on writing papers. I seriously cannot bring myself to even think of a topic.) The presentation is like 5 minutes though. Easy cheese.

And lastly, I have 1 presentation which I have already given, accompanying a 3-4 page paper, which should be no real trouble to crank out.

And then.
I am home free.

Oh, and a note: Did you get your Christmas card? If not, and you were expecting one, I am so sorry! Send me your address again. It will come.



Allie said...

you're christmas card is delightful! we got comments on it from friends, and all i could really say is "yep. we are friends with these cool people and they are going to have two adorable twin boys of which i am envious." thanks for thinking of us!

Allie said...

color me embarrassed. i meant YOUR christmas card is delightful.

sienna said...

loved the christmas card. thanks. you guys are very cute.