Monday, December 13, 2010

Messy People

Travis and I are not messy people.
Disorganized, sometimes.
Too lazy clean the bathroom more than once a month, maybe.
But not messy like this.

I can take most of the blame, sadly, for our currently filthy house.
For the first year of our marriage I loved fulfilling all of my cliche, probably-sexist-somehow wifely duties.
I cleaned our house, I made our dinner, I baked pies far too often.
I did the laundry and cleaned the bathroom.

Travis always did the dishes, though, and took out the trash and vacuumed. The manlier chores.
You know.

But now, I come home very tired and throw my things down and around wherever they may fall.
If I muster up the determination to make dinner (poor Travis hardly ever gets cookies anymore, dinner's all I can handle) then I create a huge mess in the kitchen in the process.
Which I do not clean up.

We're also in the process of moving, so there are half packed boxes piled against a few of the walls.
And part of me thinks secretly, (or not so secretly) "I'll just wait until we're moving and clean this all up then."
This is bad.

Both of us are going a little crazy.
And both of us are too busy with work, finals, and a million other things to clean up.

And when someone (Travis) does clean up, it only takes me about a day to tear our house apart again.


Polly said...

How did you convince Travis that Vacuuming is a manyly job? Kudos to you. I haven't conviced your dad of that, although he did vacuum this weekend which was awesome. You obviously didn't learn much from me. If I'm too tired to make dinner and cookies, I choose cookies. haha

sienna said...

i know the feeling. where are you moving?

Mary said...

Don't worry I will be there friday to help you pack and clean your house so that you can rest on your bed and eat cookies and pies and yummy dinners again and boss me around so that your boys will grow to be big and strong and you feel no stress because I hear thats bad. Merry Christmas from me to your home :)

Chris said...

Wow, St. Mary to the rescue. I have been complaining to mom that I am turning into a woman because of all the house work I have to do now that she is my sugarmama. She says "you hardly do ANYTHING". To that, my reply is "hardly anything is a lot more than nothing, which is what I'm used to" Plus, I keep Kathryn alive every day, which is hard since she is so darn accident prone.

Nana B said...

there are more important things than a clean house right now - taking care of those babies - so you let someone else do anything that takes away your energy. Go slow, take lots of rest, ask for help from Travis' family since they are the only ones physically close at hand and of course friends, (as soon as finals are done,) I wish I was there to help but MareBear will be there soon. Just don't, PLEASE, do too much and end up on bed rest for the duration of your pregnancy. I love you.

Angie said...

At least you've chosen to use your limited energy to make dinner instead of cookies. When I get too busy I do the opposite, and then my husband doesn't get dinner. Just cookies.

MARCIE said...

You just THINK you are tired now!