Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I feel my babies kicking and moving all day long.
Since being able to feel and recognize what they feel like I have not felt not them stop for more than a half hour at the longest.
I can’t feel them very strong if I’m standing or walking, but if I sit or lie down they start rolling, elbowing, wrestling and kicking.
Mornings and evenings they kick the strongest.
Sometimes it knocks my breath out a little, or leaves my ribs or belly sore but I can’t really complain.
I love to feel them.
I like knowing the boys are healthy and active and strong.
I (luckily) rarely feel nauseous anymore and if it weren’t for all the wiggling I might feel worried. At least every time a little foot (each of which are about the length and width of my thumb now. BIG feet.) gets stuck between my ribs I know I am still pregnant.
And unlike what I hear from most women, I love having my belly touched.

Fine. I don’t want strangers to reach through the McDonalds window and into my car to rub my stomach (happened to my mom!) but if I’m sitting talking with a friend or watching a movie with my sisters I’d rather they had their hands on my stomach than elsewhere.
I like having people feel them. I like when Mary says “WHOA! They are going crazy in there!”
Or Kathryn pulls her hand away and says “They hurt me they kicked so hard!” even though that’s never true.
I like having Jack say “Is that an elbow? Are they rolling over? What’s going ON in there?”

I have another ultrasound later today.
I’m excited to see them moving.
Updates tomorrow.


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