Thursday, December 16, 2010

William Carter

It's raining men... or little baby boys.
I am so lucky to have several friends with new little boys for my sons to play with (after they're born, of course) and several more who are pregnant with little boys.
We'll be able to form our own baseball team!

Yesterday I had the privilege of photographing my beautiful friend Becca and her darling 3-week old son William. Here are some of my favorites. I love how concerned William looks in most of them.
Too cute!

Aww, so cute.
I can't wait until I have my own boys to take pictures of.


Elizabeth said...

Very beautiful baby! You are lucky to have so many friends and family with little boys around!

Mary said...

Moses Baskets I love them!!

bexter said...

Becky! These are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your amazing talents. We love you guys so much.

Marge Bjork said...

Oh Becca and baby and hubby look so great! Lovely photos!

MARCIE said...

Beautiful baby and family! Very nice photos, I am sure they love them!

sienna said...

what lens is that? these are beautiful.