Tuesday, January 18, 2011

20 pounds

20 pounds does not seem like a lot.
But I've really only gained weight on the front of my body, between the neck and my hips.
Which means suddenly my body has no idea how to support my weight... maybe if it was spread around more evenly it would be easier.

On Saturday Travis and I were on UVU Campus filming for SA Lifeline and a complete stranger came up to me and opened with this winner (in all seriousness):
"Are you due tonight?"
Umm. No.
My due date is three months away.

This led into "My wife is a midwife, here's some advice for you" for fifteen minutes.
And ended with "Well, it looks like you and your husband have a very strong relationship."

Based on what? After we couldn't escape for five minutes Travis left me to talk to someone else, so I could deal with this intrusive and impolite stranger on my own.
Thanks, dear.

Oh man. 20 pounds.
20 pounds in a big ball under your shirt makes it okay for total strangers to say whatever they want to you. Apparently.

Unfortunately 20 pounds also makes it really hard to do things like
Type on my lap top (If it's on my lap I cannot see it, if it's on the table it hurts my back to hunch over it.)
Stay standing for any period of time.
Sit through all three hours of church. (My feet start to go numb from not being up and every two hours I need a meal... unless I want to gorge myself in Relief Society, we have to go home).
Use my sewing machine without ending up with an aching back.
Get safely out of the tub.  (I was actually stuck for a good ten minutes the other day, I couldn't sit up, or pull myself out. Travis was at work. I thought I'd have to wait until he came home to rescue me! I finally managed to wiggle on to my side -tight squeeze! and sit up.)
Or sleep through the night. Last night I only got up twice to use the bathroom though, AND I didn't need to get up at 4am to eat. RECORD!

20 pounds.
And to think, my goal is to gain another 15 or 20 in the next two months. Crazy talk.

And on another really short ending note, ladies who know how I feel(!): I have recently made a few new friends in the blogging world, both with twins. Check out their unbelievably cute blogs and babies.
They're getting me excited!
I can't wait for my own boys to get here!

Mama and the Dudes
A little of this, a little of that

**Edit: I'm adding this later because today I was over reading The Rockstar Diaries, where I haven't been in ages, because -let's face it- I have my own pregnancy to think about and am not totally concerned with hers, since she's a complete stranger. BUT her baby is TWO WEEKS overdue, and she looks like this.
I remember being that tiny... a month or two ago. Seriously.
Okay. Maybe it makes sense that someone thought I was due on Saturday. (But really, he was still in the wrong, right?)

You guys, I'm going to be freaking enormous. Seriously huge.
Every day that hits me a bit more and I have a panic attack, not because I'm like "oh I'm fat" but because my back is already killing me. I already have been thinking this queen-sized bed only has enough room for me and not Travis. I already have outgrown all of my dresses and skirts but one.
We're talking big.
And I have at least two months left.



Marge Bjork said...

I would be tempted –depending on my shape at pregnancy– to deny being pregnant. Or to say that I'm actually giving the baby up for adoption (and start crying for added theatrical emphasis) or to say that I'm a surrogate mother or that really it's a cancerous growth. But probably not that last one because everyone knows someone who has died of cancer so that's kind of insensitive. Oh wait. They're being insensitive and that's when I become overwhelmed with a perverse desire to lie.

Mostly I would probably try to see if I could convince strangers I was crazy by telling them a story about alien abduction.

Brittany said...

Thanks for the shout out! I must say that I'm a little honored to be linked with Mama and the Dudes. Her blog got me SOOO excited when I first found it. She's awesome!