Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Big belly, little stomach

The babies have kicked all my organs into a tiny square inch of my body.
Which means I have to go to the bathroom every fifteen minutes, and eat every fifteen minutes, and I can't breathe very well if I'm not sitting down.

But despite the little amount of room that my stomach is given, I still need lots of food.
So here's about what I eat through in a day, (because it's all the food I ate yesterday.)
More meals, but smaller portions.

Notice how the quality of photo goes down as the day and evening get darker.
My dinner looks atrocious! But it was really quite delicious.

First breakfast usually consists of grains, dairy and fruit.
Second breakfast, forty minutes later, is meat and  protein based.
I did actually have TWO bowls of cheerios, though only one is pictured.

 I may have eaten more than five of these salt water taffies. They're my favorite!

 I made fudge. Although it had to chill, so all I got was this spatula.

 A stuffed bell pepper and some yummy buttermilk muffins for First Lunch.

 And a taco of sorts for Second Lunch. Tacos are the best meal for pregnant women. They have red meat, lots of veggies, cheese and sour cream and even beans and whole wheat if you're really good. (I wasn't. That's a regular flour tortilla. And we were out of black beans, which go best with tacos.) Plus they take all of ten minutes to make.

 Homemade chocolate layer cake... yes.
I've been told that with twins you need all the carbs and calories you can get. So I don't feel guilty eating this.
At all.
I love to eat it. I might eat a piece for today's Second Breakfast instead of the eggs I was planning on.

 I did feel a bit guilty eating THIS. I'm pretty sure Lucky Charm knockoffs have zero redeeming qualities.

 A tasty dinner of porkchops, honey carrots, homemade mashed potatoes and applesauce.
That applesauce, by the way, said Best if Used by May 2009. Oops.
But it smelled and tasted fine, so we ate it.
So far we're not sick.

And of course, homemade cookies for our Family Home Evening/bedtime snack.

And no wonder the babies are growing so quickly.
There's a lot of food on this blog post.



Amy said...

I consider pirate themed marshmallows a redeeming quality

suzie said...

are you constantly cooking?? and is it your dream come true?

Marge Bjork said...

I really really really actually enjoy learning what people eat. Especially with pictures. I mean healthy normal people, not diet obsessed people. I just get excited when people have healthy relationships with food.

Polly said...

I'm confused, did you make fudge, triple chocolate cake, and chocolate chip cookies on the same day? Nothing like that happened at Christmas time when I was there. Did the fudge turn out good? The spatula looked good. Way to grow those babies.

sienna said...

yum. keep up the good work.

MARCIE said...

Odd, there's a weight loss add on your blog!

The Stanley's said...

I appreciate your plate collection. cutie.