Monday, January 24, 2011

A broken blog and spam email

I'm so sorry if I sent you spam on Friday.
Suddenly my email was not my own and all my blogs, public, private and old and unused had all disappeared offline!
I was freaking out more than a little.

My very intuitive husband knew that I was probably at home having a meltdown and came to get me for lunch.
Knowing that Travis was coming to get me AND that soon I would have lunch was the first step in getting me calmed down enough to figure things out.
So I emailed Google.
And found ALL of my blog posts for BabyMaking were still visible in Google Reader, which led me to believe it hadn't been deleted, it had only been hidden away.
And it comforted me to know that if it HAD disappeared permanently I could copy and paste all my blog posts from Google Reader on to some new URL. Although that would not be ideal.

I love you guys and I love having readers and everything, but one of the things I love most about this blog is that it chronicles my pregnancy and I will continue to use it post here to chronicle my boys first years.
I'm not a big journaler. I used to be. I used to write everyday.
But blogging is my medium.
I love posting pictures and videos and music and links to accompany what I'm saying.
I think the big blank canvas where I can make font bigger, smaller and colored for emphasis is just perfect.
And I like that a keyboard can (usually) keep up with my thoughts, because a pen and paper usually cannot.
And with a journal I always felt like I should write the same way: Dear Journal, Today I did the following. I feel the following ways. I want some new pants or something boring. Blah blah blah.
Here I can write whatever, however I want. (I know I could in a journal, I just am no good at that.)
Even the boys' baby books are essentially the same. They're big blank sketchbooks in which I can paste pictures, drawings, doctors notes and can write and draw according to my taste.
But they aren't regular baby books that have page headers like At My Six Month Check-Up: with doodles of teddy bears along the side.
I could never work well under such restraints.
And to be honest, this blog is like a baby book. In a year or so I'll probably put all of my posts into an actual book so the boys can flip through and Travis and I can always remember what 2010 and 2011 (and years to come) were like.

So the idea of losing this blog was a little like dropping my journal and photo albums and baby books into a river.
So you understand why I was having a meltdown.
And it wasn't because I thought I'd have to start over and find followers all over again (though I do love getting new followers).

And now I am going to spend a few hours saving all my posts to my hard drive.
Who knew? I thought they'd be safer saved online, but I guess we should always save things in two places.
I  guess I knew better.


Unknown said...

Use WebGrabber to back up your blog.

Polly said...

Will you save the family blog too, I was freaked out also. I hate to think of all your posts and the family posts gone forever. I'm so glad everything is OK!

KOstvig said...

If you understand HTML code and are brave enough to go into your blog wehn it is hijacked you can usually see that they post a link to send your blog readership somewhere else. Our website got hijacked once...We juat had to remove the code to get everything back I do though copy and paste my pages on my harddrive to a Journal folder. I intend to print it and bind it some day..Its just a wonderful way to keep intouch woith everyone and journal and scrapbook all rolled into one handy little post glad their was a fix and what a great guy knowing he needed to feed a pregnant woman before he solving the issue at hand. Love your post...

KOstvig said...

Oh also change your passwordds regularly is the best way to prevent this from happening as Hackers monitor snipets until they can actually hack your emails and your sites...