Friday, March 25, 2011

Doctor's Orders

Before we left the NICU we were given very specific orders:

Don't go out in public.
Don't allow visitors who are or have children.
Don't let my five year old sister Kathryn go play with other kids or go to school if she's staying with us (which she and my mother are).
Don't allow anyone to kiss the babies heads, faces or hands.
And make everyone who comes over wash their hands for like an hour - even if they don't hold the babies.

So, in case you were wondering if you can come visit me, here's the deal:

Probably not.

We decided that our immediate family can hold the babies, although we not only made Kathryn wash her hands but also bathe and change clothes before she could hold the boys.

A few friends who don't have kids and only hang out with other adults have stopped by for brief visits, but we're also really into turning people away.

Oh, and the doctor said we shouldn't go to church for like three months, even if we go by ourselves and don't bring the babies - since we could come into contact with a bunch of sick people and then bring germs home to our tiny, adorable and susceptible children. 

But if you are my or Travis' siblings please stop by.
And if you are not then you can hold the babies this summer, unless you are sick.

Speaking of, people are really into wiping their runny noses and then saying "It's just allergies."
I don't care why your nose is running. I don't want your snot on my babies.



MARCIE said...

Good to announce this so people don't feel insulted. Emma B's little newborn caught pneumonia from her little brother and was very sick. Scary! Healthy babies are a priority!
Cute Aunt with cute nephews!

Amy said...

~Speaking of, people are really into wiping their runny noses and then saying "It's just allergies."
I don't care why your nose is running. I don't want your snot on my babies.~

OH MY GOD so true!!! People used to drive me SO nuts with that!! I swear my son met like 5 people the first 6 months of his life.

Brittany said...

Totally and completely understandable. I too think it was good to announce it. I assumed it would be at least a month or so, but since it's still nasty out (like that snow today? Yuck.) it makes perfect sense.

And seriously, hold off on going into public as long as you can. People are FREAKS! I had a lady at walmart approach me while both my girls were screaming and she started to take Sophie out of her car seat! I went pretty ape on her. Seriously, people are ridiculous, especially with twins.

And I love your sister's face. "Yeah, I'm holding two babies. No big deal..." Priceless.

Can't wait for summer when we can come meet these babies!

suzie said...

you sound like a chapter out of the battle hymn of the tiger mother. or someone i heard in the subway: "you better get up off my baby!" becky as a mom=love it.

The Spencers said...

I so remember this. We were the same way with our girls. It was a little frustrating when people would get upset at us or just didn't understand. Even when we did start going to church Richard wouldn't let ANYONE touch the babies. We went for sacrament meeting and then came home for quite awhile. Your boys are adorable. Keep up the awesome work!

Caitlin Carroll said...

I'm with you on this. I turned so many people away who wanted to visit... both for my tiny baby's health and for my sanity. Who feels like entertaining guests when you are a veritable not-showered, leaking milk, bleeding mess of a new mother??

I've been stalking your blog and I love it. I'm Cait, friends with Brittany (above). Hi!

Amanda said...

Hello... I'm in the past!

I was curious, was it the hospital's policies to tell mother's those rules for NICU babies only, or all babies?

Mine were born at 35 weeks, and left the hospital after almost 3.5 weeks! We weren't told anything like that and they were tiny like yours (4 12, 4 14). We took them out shopping the day they came home with us!!

Eh, they're fine now... Maybe! ;)

Good on you for turning people away. I was the same. Some family members were mad at me, but whatever. My babies, my choice.

Love your blooooooog