Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ultrasound Update! (35 Weeks)

 Okay kids, this picture is from yesterday morning. And take a look at the one below.
That is a MATERNITY shirt.
See how it doesn't even cover all of my freaking giant belly?
I think they should make shirts for pregnant women that actually fit pregnant women.
Who's with me? AYE!
And remember that the photo in my header is only from one week ago. I look much bigger already, no?

Oh, and stop judging my messy bedroom.

But I know why you're here.
It's to hear about my handsome and gigantic sons.
They are the reason my belly is so huge.

Can you imagine an 11 pound baby? Try to for a moment.
Last ultrasound the babies were 4lbs 7oz and 4lbs 11oz and yesterday they weighed in at... (drumroll)
Baby A: 5lbs 3oz (which means he gained 12 ounces) and
Baby B: 5lbs 5oz (so he gained 10 ounces)

I admit, I was hoping they'd be closer to 6 pounds, since then I'd feel less guilty hoping they'll come on out any minute... but still!
That's an average of 6 ounces a week per baby, which is right in line with how they ought to be growing.
And they are big enough. At least, they feel big enough.
Oh, did I mention I apparently have a uterine bruise from being kicked constantly in the same place?
I would like to describe it as the most painful thing I have ever felt and which I feel constantly, because every time I contract (every 10 minutes, remember?) or a baby moves (every ten seconds, or more) I am essentially being punched on my big internal bruise.

But yay for real.
Yay for big fat babies!
And no pics of them, they're too squished to resemble anything cute on the ultrasounds.
But they are cute.
I know it.
Actually, here's something cute I saw: Baby B was "practicing breathing" during the ultrasound. You could see his diaphragm expanding and his chest moving up and down.
Aww. They're going to be so good at being alive.



Unknown said...

You should just wrap yourself in a bed sheet to cover your enormity.

Mary said...

Just put on your robe dress!

MandaPanda said...
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Julie Wilding said...

I am just so pleased as punch for these babies to come. Is there a way I can send you presents for them/you??

Polly said...

Yay for real.
Yay for big fat babies!
I can't wait to hold them.
Kiss them, smell them, comfort them, and feel comforted by them.
So exciting, so anxious...

kim h said...

Becky, I think you look beautiful!!!!

ritabobita said...

You look so huge, in a good pregnant way of course. So exciting to hear you and the boys are healthy!

Gabrielle @ said...

Aww! Your belly is getting so big! It looks like the boys dropped, your belly looks much lower than it did before. I can't believe they'll be here soon! :) I'm so excited for you!