Sunday, April 3, 2011

not cute

sometimes my babies are wide awake.

Usually it's during the middle of the night.

During the middle of Saturday night the boys were awake and cute, and looking around, so I decided to try to take their picture.
It started out cute:

But went downhill pretty quickly:

Oh yeah, and Micah's shirt does say "This is what Handsome looks like."




Kristen Marie said...

Micah looks like a handsome little lizard in the last picture! ah, still so stinkin cute!!

MARCIE said...

Their tongues seem to be very important instruments of communication.

Brittany said...

This post is amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Rachael said...

this post made me & hubs laugh so hard!

thanks for lightening the mood, days before we welcome our girls!

Kristi said...

that last picture is priceless!! love it! good thing you have a great sense of humor :)

Marge Bjork said...

oh, they do get pretty funny towards the end. love it all.

Lisa said...

double chins attack!!!!

love you!

i was in a camp without internet for a week. and was in china for another week.

but I AM BACK!

Sarah said...

So funny! That's funny how their faces plummeted into weirdness together.

Audrey said...
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Audrey said...

I'm gonna give you a tiny bit of advice that may just be annoying 'cause you get lots of advice, I'm sure... you may complain about it on your blog later--that's okay, we were best friends for a couple of years, right?

For weeks I tried to figure out how to show my baby the difference between night and day. I understood he needed to eat, but he always wanted to play at night. Finally, (after reading baby-wise--a book I don't entirely like) I realized that I had to avoid all stimuli possible. I stopped turning on the light when I came in, I stopped changing his diaper unless it was soiled (which is like always at ur babies' ages) and I would change his diaper before I fed him (which made him mad to wait to eat, but trust me, it was for the best)and I wouldn't talk or tickle or oogle or anything at night, the lack of stimuli helped him to fall back asleep once his needs were met. Free advice, if you want it.

I love these pictures of your babies, though! Such little angels!