Monday, April 18, 2011

Paper Mama Photo Challenge: Self Portrait

I don't normally do things like this (photo challenges, I mean) but I always wish I did more.

So, here is my self-portrait:

It was really hard to take while holding Grey, because I was using the 20d one-handed and it's a pretty heavy camera.
But I love it.

And I feel like it's an accurate self-portrait, since I pretty much spend all of my time just like this.
But more importantly, because there's no other way I'd rather spend it.

My mom sent me this picture last night of her holding me as a baby, and I loved the similarities:

Head over to the Paper Mama, and add your own self-portrait to the contest before midnight on the 21st, and leave me a link in the comments if you do. I'd love to see them!

The Paper Mama

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tammy said...

Very nice self portrait.

tammy said...

I did it. Thanks that was fun.

melifaif said...

That is perfection. So sweet. And I could not tell at all that you were holding a camera, let alone, a D20!!! Strong momma. ;-) I think I will go enter...for whatever reason {because I tried red lipstick} I turned the camer on myself this weekend. So, why not, right?

arielle elise. said...

just stumbled upon your blog....what a lovely picture!

blessings :)

MARCIE said...

I started scrolling down and thought, boy she sure looks like Polly in this picture! Oh, it is Polly! love both photos! Lovely mothers and babies too!