Thursday, April 21, 2011

Twins are the cutest.

Travis insists that I have some explaining to do.
He wants me to explain that I am "melodramatic."

Bah. Whatever.

It is true that we pretty much didn't sleep for three days straight.
It's also true that the boys aren't really fussy unless we're trying to put them to sleep, and only because Micah has some acid reflux that makes lying down very horrible, and because Grey needs his pacifier but can't manage to keep it in his mouth.

But the night after my complaint-filled post the boys slept for five hours! Then for another four!
They're the best.

I'm usually feeling really good during the day, from about 6am to 6pm everything is wonderful.
I don't even mind that much when one baby is awake and one is asleep because then we get some one-on-one mama baby time.

This morning, after a pretty good night of sleep, we were all awake and happy for a while.
So we took some pictures.
I figured you deserved some pictures since yesterday's wordless Wednesday was so pathetic.

I like this one, even though Micah has his toes in Grey's nose, because they're arms are linked. Cuuuute.

They sort of grabbed arms, and spent a good five minutes yanking each other back and forth.

This, perhaps, is when you may start to notice that I got a bit carried away.
15 pictures isn't too many, right?

bah! I love Micah's face in this one!

Look at their little bellies! We never had to wash around their umbilical cords or anything, since they lost their cords while they were in the NICU.
One day I was changing a diaper and said to the nurse, "oh! Their cords are gone!" and she said "Oh yeah, I think they fell off yesterday."

Oh, and a goofy one for the road:

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Brittany said...

That last one is the best. And you're right. Twins ARE the cutest. Seriously, everybody should be jealous of us twin moms because they really are the greatest things.

Hopefully your guys continue to sleep well! I think I've pin pointed the reason for my girls' issues and hope to get it resolved soon.

Oh and there's a lady in my ward who said she can watch the girls next week so I can come down and help. I'm going over there today and will let you know!

Brittany said...

Also, sorry I always comment minutes (sometimes second) after you publish your posts. Creepy much? I must have twin mama esp or something.

MARCIE said...

They are so beautiful! They get cuter every day! Kiss, kiss, kiss, and one for Travis!

Carol said...

Too Cute!!! I think they slept so good because they had Grandma and Grandpa time!! We must have worn them out.

Lana said...

In this light it looks like Grey might turn into a brunette. So much like a Froelich.

Polly said...

I printed a picture and hung it at my desk so I can look at them all day long! I love that Grey always looks like he is going to punch himself in the face. Luckily his brother is holding him back. I am so glad you've had a little sleep. And yes you can be melodramitic and sleep deprivation only intensifies it.

Kristine said...

i love their little linked arms. so sweet! what nice brothers. :)

Kristi said...

I agree! Twins ARE the cutest!

Jessica D. said...

Bahahaha.. I love this post. I also love love love the picture of Grey with his fist in the air. They look like baby super heroes. (And now I'm thinking I need to buy them little super hero capes).

Audrey said...

I was in the nursery a couple of weeks ago, and there are several sets of twins in our ward. One 18-month-old boy twin suddenly realized that his mommy wasn't there (although she hadn't been there for an hour) and started saying, "mommy? mommy? mommy?" with tears welling up in his eyes. Then his brother chimed in "mommy! mommy!" then the first brother laid his head on his twin's shoulder while his brother patted his head. Then everything was okay, and they started playing together. It was so cute... just something to look forward to...

Bees_Circus said...

BEYOND adorable!

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy