Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

Yesterday was my first Mother's Day as a mother.
My children brought me breakfast in bed and drew me beautiful cards with handwritten poems inside....
Okay, well maybe not.
I guess I've got a few years before any of that happens.
Travis did pamper me a bit though, including pretty much staying up all night last night and the night before so I could get some rest, and taking care of the boys so I could do some sewing.
(unfortunately that only lasted about ten minutes before my thread got jammed and I wanted to beat my machine. My quilter grandma is coming today, so maybe she can show me what I'm doing wrong...)

I didn't get to see my own mom, but my Mother-in-law lives here and we were able to spend the evening with her. She exemplified everything wonderful about Mothers as she hosted dinner (which she made herself) and then took care of us and our babies. And she spent the night to help Travis and I get some rest.
What a good mom.

Travis and I are both really lucky to have such good mothers. They are wonderful examples to me of the type of mother I want to be.
Happy Mother's Day, Mom and Carol! I love you.

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