Wednesday, June 29, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Sleeeeeep

Okay, the only thing worse than babies that are awake all night? Babies that sleep through the night, and a mom that is awake all night anyway.

Last night the babies went to sleep (finally!) at about 9:15. At about 1:45am I heard a baby cry, but I have been trying this thing where -unless they sound hysterical- I wait at least 5 minutes before going in and picking the babies up
By 1:50am whoever had been crying was back to sleep. Awesome!
But I was not back to sleep.
I dozed in and out of wakefulness for two hours (just waiting for them to wake up again), and then got up and wandered around -periodically hovering over the boys' cribs to be sure they were breathing.
At 4:15 Micah woke up (might have been my fault) and they ate, and were both back asleep by 4:45am!
Again, I was not.
This time, I laid in bed listening to those freaking birds chirping because they think it's morning time. I probably fell asleep around 5:30 or 6:00am.
My good babies slept until about 7:00am, when they started squeaking - and I dozed in and out listening to them coo and squawk for almost an hour before they started to sound angry and I got up to feed them.
Last night could have been awesome! I could have gotten 7 hours of sleep in a row!
Except that, of course, I didn't.

Anyway. You know me, always wordy on Wednesday. I have too much to say.
But here's what I have to share: We have LOTS of shaky, mediocre videos recorded on the iPhones, so here is some of it.
All of it focusing around that magical thing: sleep.

Sleepy Boys from Becky Pitcher on Vimeo.
And because I pieced all these clips together, here's what's happening:

Clip 1 (begins at 0:00): Grey after eating. He fell asleep breastfeeding, but was trying oh! so hard to stay awake and play.
Clip 2 (begins at 0:37): Grey and Micah lying in their bed, NOT sleeping when they should have been. But at least they're happy. I think Grey looks like a cat watching a bird out the window.
Clip 3 (begins at 1:41): The babies sleeping in their bed. Dang. They are cute.
Clip 4 (begins at 2:12): Grey sleeping in the swing. If you listen close you can hear him hum-snoring. Mm-hum. Mm-hum. Mm-hum. He also talks in his sleep a little and it's SO cute.
Clip 5 (begins at 2:32): Micah NOT sleeping. Yes, I swaddle them and put them on their stomachs, but they can usually roll over without too much trouble, so I'm not too worried.

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Sarah said...

They are so precious! Better luck sleeping tonight!

Jack Froelich said...

my favorite was the one of micah at the end

Sarah said...

ugh...I totally know what you mean! I think I sleep less now that the babies are sleeping through the night (knock on wood) because I'm constantly waking up to see if they are still sleeping.

~Sarah @ kindalikethebradys

Mary said...

I love micah sneeze-kick...its my favorite, hes so cute.

Suki said...

They both sleeping in the crib together is just so adorable.