Monday, June 20, 2011

Swaddling clothes

My boys do not sleep unswaddled.
They will not sleep unswaddled.  They still share a crib, so besides accidently punching themselves in the face when they flail their arms, they also claw each other's eyes out and wake each other up.
So we started swaddling them, and it works like magic.
The current problem is that it's really hot here, so they're too hot in their swaddles.
So we turned the swamp cooler on high, and now need to bundle them up.
Look at them.

They've developed little attitudes lately.
They know what they want, and dang it! they'll get it or else.

They start fussing because they're tired, but they sure don't want me to put them in the swing or rock them in a quiet room because they know that leads to sleep (and they fight sleep like they're in some sort of cage match to the death).

But being read to or played with stresses them out because it's too much stimulation and they're sleepy.
So what they want is to sit like this on the couch:

By themselves.

While no one makes any noise.

And they watch me move around the room tidying up, or sit on the floor eating a sandwich.

And they'll sit quietly like this for fifteen minutes before they start to fuss again, and then I pick them up, and they cry for a few minutes and I rock them and shush them for ten minutes and then they conk out and go to sleep.
In their little swaddles.

Also, you'd think that with the number of times Grey's taken a chunk out of his own forehead, or Micah's stuck his entire thumb up his nose that he wouldn't mind when I accidently scratched him (a teeny tiny bit) on the nose.
But he did. He freaked. 
And mama felt pretty dang guilty. Sorry Grey. It was an accident, I swear.



Unknown said...

LOL. I love how infuriated babies get when they realize you're trying to make them sleep. Because darn you, we have SO MUCH to do!

I also am now following you because I have a Micah, too, and I admit I feel a tad partial now. ;)

Boni Lady said...

LOVE this post! My twinkies were swaddled until around 6 months or so ... about the time they figured out how to UNDO the swaddle! Then they graduated up to the zip-up sleep sack! They were in those and together in the same crib until they were about 14 months!
...Oh the joys of being a twin mommy!

Mary said...

Your babies remind me of little middle east people :)

able mabel said...

Just wait until you accidently clip their finger instead of the fingernail. Sigh. The "mother guilt" never ends. :)

mylittlehome6 said...

Whenever I read your posts it's like you've read my mind and put it into words for me. I should just copy every post you have because it's funnier than how I'd ever write it. :)