Wednesday, July 20, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Grey

Last week for Wordless Wednesday I posted pictures of my baby Micah (you can see that post {here}) and so to even things out, here is a little Grey time.
Grey actually sleeps more than Micah, so it's easier to take pictures of Micah by himself. Often I am playing with him while his brother sleeps.
But almost whenever Grey is awake, so is his brother. And Micah doesn't like to be ignored - especially if he can see you and he knows you're not playing with him.
So these pictures of Grey aren't completely coherent. In some he is naked, in some he is dressed.
That's because it took several different mini photoshoots.
So, things I love about these pictures of Grey?
I love his heavy, deep set, baggy eyes that I think make him look like a basset hound.

I love the rings in his neck when he stretches it out to look around.
I love the fuzzy halo of hair around his head.
I love his jowls.
I love that little smile that I just barely managed to capture in a few pictures.

I love Grey. My baby.

The picture on the left here might be my favorite out of all of these pictures. It just so perfectly captures all that is Grey. 

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Polly said...

Oh my goodness, I wish I could pick him up and give him a kiss. I miss you sweet baby Grey! I can't believe how strong he is getting. Awesome pictures, your going to have crawling babies soon, get ready for it!

Tammy said...

I love his cute, messy hair. And I want to squish those sweet cheeks!

Claire said...

I know these boys are Pitchers, but I can't help thinking to myself "They look like little Froelichs!" whenever I look at pictures of them. They have such a distinct look to them and I love that. I would please like to meet these boys for real sometime. And see their mama :) I never made that happen at the farmer's market that one time. Will you be going this Saturday?

Suki said...

Oh he is so precious your little Grey!
And I totally love his little smile. :)