Friday, July 22, 2011

Fact: it is Friday. {Sleep}

Fact: it is Friday: Where I talk about myself. On Fridays. I don't talk about my babies, unless I want to, which sometimes I might. But mostly Fact: it is Friday is when I'm going to tell you something you maybe didn't know about me. Or perhaps a story from my bucktoothed-childhood or bratty teenage years.

Becky Fact 7: When I am tired I become completely delusional.

Last night I fell asleep nursing a baby. When I woke up, I carefully rose and tiptoed into the boys' room trying not to wake Grey.  However, when I reached Grey' crib, he was already asleep in it.  I realized that I must have Micah. I turned towards Micah's crib and he was already asleep in.
I looked down at the baby in my arms and realized that I was cradling, rocking and patting... my pillow.
This better be normal.

Last night the boys were both asleep in their beds promptly at 7pm.  I was pretty freaking pleased with myself, since Travis is out of town, but I managed to do the bedtime routine and give the boys their once-daily bottles all by my lonesome.
At 8:10 Grey threw up and woke himself up. This was probably on me, since I didn't burp him super well. (I'm of the mindset that if they fall asleep leave them asleep no matter what.)
Grey screamed on and off until about 10:45pm. I did everything. I changed him. I rocked him. I gave him Tylenol. I put him in the swing. I laid him down by himself to see if he could put himself back to sleep.
My angel of a sister-in-law came over at about 9:30 and took Grey so I could sleep. I slept fitfully though, as I could still him him bellowing.

At 11:40 (read: less than 1 hour after Grey finally fell asleep) Micah woke up. After an hour of him whining and talking and not sleeping I gave in and nursed him to sleep.
Except that as soon as I tried to lie my sleeping baby in his bed, bing open popped his eyes. And he was awake until well after 2am.
Grey woke up at 2:45am, but I fed him and he was back to sleep by 3:10.
Micah woke at 5:15am (making this two hour block, my longest period of consecutive sleep of the night)  and I nursed him.
Grey woke up at 6:30am and I nursed him.
The boys both started squeaking again at about 7:45am, but since they didn't sound hysterical (and because I was too tired to move) I let them lie in their beds until 9:00am while I dozed in and out of sleep.
The reason that I don't let them lie in their beds and squawk in the middle of the night is because they wake each other up, and I can't handle having two awake babies.

Anyway. I know I don't usually write about my boys on Friday Fact Day, but that is all I can think about this morning.  Travis will be home tonight at about 1am.

And thank goodness for Noelle, who took turns with the boys all night, or else I may have accidently killed one of the boys when I confused him for a pillow and smothered him with my head.

(Okay. So that last part's probably not funny. But you know.... it obviously could happen, because I'm insane when I'm tired.)

Friday Fact.
Write one. OR ELSE.


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Kristine said...

i need my sleep too. what a rough night! i hope tonight is much MUCH better!

The Spencers said...

I totally did the pillow thing. I thought it was Abbi and carefully laid her down beside Richard so I could run and get the bottles. Came back and carefully picked her up and got into the hallway and then realized it wasn't Abbi but a pillow! Oh the things we do when we are sleep deprived! ha ha! Hopefully you'll get a good nap today and the boys will sleep better tonight.

Noelley Belly said...

Where was I between the hours of 11:00 and 6:00? Fact about me- I sleep through a lot! I try to help...but sometimes it is lacking. Sorry to not be of much assistance last night!

Celia said...

Now I'm scared.

three little bears said...

Becky!! I completely relate to this post...the worst for me is scrambling out of bed when one of the babies starts to cry only to accidently pick up the one who is sound asleep :/ ugh! It took Damian and Sophia a good 7-8 months to get used to each other in the middle of the night and I am happy to report Sophia sleeps through Damian's cries and vice versa. It will get better - right now I am getting on average a 4 hour stretch at night...still better than the 2 I was getting a few months back but not as much as the 6-8 hrs my body is craving!! hang in their momma :)