Monday, July 11, 2011

Guest Posts. Remember?

How many friends of mine can get pregnant with twins? Seriously, I know so many people right now who will soon have twins.
If we're friends in real life, and you really want a pair of twins for yourself (and a new car!) then I suspect that now is your chance, because I actually know more people pregnant with twins than pregnant with a single baby.
Maybe there's something in the Provo water?

One thing I've noticed, though, and remember all too well is that when you're pregnant with twins, everyone (most of whom are not the parents of twins) wants to give you advice constantly.
But by "advice" I mean, they want to tell you horror stories about how hard twins will be.
And how you'll never get any sleep or free time, or happiness ever again.
Now that all my friends are pregnant with twins they've come searching for someone, anyone to tell them that twins aren't that bad.
And twins aren't.
They're awesome.

I was looking for the same reassurances when I was pregnant and emailed out requests to some of my favorite twin-mama bloggers.
And since I didn't have that many followers when I asked them to write guest posts, you might not have gotten the chance to read these amazing posts.
And for those of you pregnant with twins? You'll probably find these very helpful.
Just click the links below to read these lovely old guest posts:

{Post by Brittany of A Little of This, a Little of That} (her blog)
In which she talks about how the struggles of having twins are overshadowed by the joy of having twins.

{Post by Mandey of Mama and the Dudes}  (her blog)
In which she answers some of the questions that people ask her on a daily basis, like "How do you do it?"

{Post by Amanda of Twice the Love, Half the Sleep} (her blog)
In which she tells the tale of taking her twins to story time at the library. Very impressive (and not very successful.)

{Post by Janae who is actually Travis' cousin} (her blog is private, sorry)
In which she doesn't discuss having twins, because she actually has TRIPLETS.

{Post by Gabrielle from the Morel Family Blog} (her blog)
In which she discusses the ups and downs of having two sets of twins.

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1 comment:

Katie and Matt said...

Love this post! I feel like a lot of people are having twins soon too. And as well meaning as moms of singletons are... they don't get it and it is NOT the same as having two kids close together. Another good reference for Utah County people is the Utah Valley Moms of Multiples group on facebook :) I know you are on there and seriously you need to come hang with us! We need some of your humor, lol, and we are pretty fun if I do say so myself!