Wednesday, August 17, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Dad Travis

"Dad Travis" is what I call this guy:

He's my favorite dad, Travis, and person.
I love him.

He's out of town again and it makes me sad.

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Becky | Apples of Gold said...

Sweet pictures! I know the feeling of being far away from your love... =( BUT absence can be a great way to draw two people closer. You'll get through it! ... I noticed your boys have on cloth diapers in these pictures. . . I was gonna ask you about cloth diapering, but saw it mentioned it the "popular posts" section on your sidebar. Gonna go check that out... I'm having my baby within the next few weeks and really wanna try cloth diapering. =) Your blog is awesome!

Alissa Moghtaderi said...

That Travis is one handsome guy, and he looks so sweet with his babies! You're a gorgeous, happy family.

I'm sorry Travis travels so much. My husband, Sam, works really long hours (usually 12 hour days, but sometimes he leaves at 6:30 am and gets home at 2:00 am) and I can barely stand those hours he's gone. But at least he always sleeps at home. I hope this is a short trip for Travis!