Monday, August 1, 2011

camera, camera phone

Some pictures of the recent times in Pitcherland (that's where we live).
And it's always sunny in Pitcherland, or at least it's always daytime.

And by "daytime" I mean, "the babies think they can be awake all the time and apparently do not understand the difference between night and day."

Are you confused now? Well look at some adorable pictures to clear your mind. 

Micah and Grey and Mama enjoying our morning in the sunshine. 

Double trouble! I LOVE having pictures of the boys together, especially that one of my mom with the boys.  Such a pretty grandma. 

Travis and I went on a "date" this weekend, except that it was a fundraising event for a non-profit and Travis had to spend the evening filming.
But we dressed up and ate a fancy dinner, followed by creme brulee and cheesecake!

Grey (above) has become quite ticklish and this was my attempt to capture him laughing. And Travis is strong, and always carries both the boys at once, because I'm so pathetic that I can't even carry them one at a time.

A few more pictures from the fun we had on Saturday in the gutters. Those boys sure love their uncle Jack! 

And goofy Micah! He's impossible to get a good picture of because he's so wiggly. 
But he's pretty cute anyway, huh?

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Celia said...

Beckie! I love that picture of you and Travis on your date. You look GORGEOUS! Also, you look so much like your mom, who is seriously one of the prettiest grandmas I've ever seen. I was going to say hottest, but that didn't seem appropriate :)

The boys are the cutest.

Lana said...

Polly you look so pretty! (Not that that's unusual!) Becky used to always say "I look just like my mom." I never really saw it until this year. She's lucky if she is going to grow older to look like you.

Becky, I know that this is weird to direct a comment at your mom on your blog, especially since you will be receiving this via e-mail.