Tuesday, August 16, 2011

hello, iPhone. Your pictures are pretty.

"What have you been up to, Becky?" I hear you bellowing.
Well I can tell you!
And even better yet, I can show yoooooou.... (We're zooming into a magical land of photos)


Sometimes I get a teensy bit carried away on the blog. It just seems so magical.
Anywho. Here are some pictures of the Pitchers in recent times. Ones where we're not all dressed up but just look normal.
And in some we are even in our bed in our underpants.
See, it's just like you're here. In our house. With us.

This is when Grey sat in a rocking chair all by himself and looked like a creepy doll.

 This is from when we went to the Farmers Market and got 7 pounds of fresh raspberries, which were promptly turned into jam and eaten on Swedish pancakes (like crepes, but tastier!)

 This is from when we had a lovely surprise visit from our good friends the Stanleys (that pretty skinny blond lady is Anita, who I think of as my second mother... or third, maybe, since I actually have a second mother now.... a mother in law, at least.)
And Grey alternated between being completely gorgeous to being a grumpy old man who forgot to put in his teeth.

This is what it looks like when the boys feed themselves bottles. Hurrah! It's awesome. 
And when they wake up and 6am and want to play, but I look like I have a hangover and can't sit up, and have to try to entertain them from a lying-in-my-bed type position. (Didn't I promise you underpants pictures? Here it is. Take it in, boys.)

This is what we look like when we try to take a picture of ourselves on a walk (and fail) and also, me trying to have my hair do something. ANYTHING.

This is what my babies are to the neighborhood: an exciting attraction. We were stopped on a walk so our babies could get out and play with this Mexican family, who - by the way - only spoke Spanish.
I do not speak Spanish. 
But Travis does, so it's all good.
They loved our babies, and want us to bring them back so they can babysit.

This is what it looks like when I let Grey suck on my plum, and them abruptly take it away. (MELTDOWN). Holy cow, this boy loves plums.
And also, this is what it looks like when I try to get my boys to sit up together inside my giant boppy. Mostly it was a fail.

I'm noticing a sad lack of Micah pictures.
I will rectify this, don't worry.

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Kelsey said...

I really enjoy your writing, too funny! I love the picture of the family you met.

Angela said...

Congratulations! You've won a blog award! Please visit here...http://angelasfavthings.blogspot.com/2011/08/life-gets-best-of-me-sometimes.html...to see the details!


The Stanley's said...

I am happy to see that Eric and I have the same goofy facial expressions. We had a great time sitting under your tree, visiting with you, and playing with the boys. Eric loved it and now we have a vicious ant story!