Tuesday, August 2, 2011


So, for some reason my computer will not let me sing in to blogger, and this is a great iPhone experiment: can I write an entire blog post on my phone?

So far, so good.

Since I know you may be wondering (since I'm self-absorbed enough to think that everyone is obsessed with this blog), here's what's happening with my boys and sleep: we went to the doctor and the doctor said "no more monkeys jumpin' on the bed"
And also, the boys have a little bit of acid reflux, a little bit of the stomach flu, and little tiny ear infections.
Also, they have pretty bad gas.
And they're teething.
So it makes sense that they've been having hard nights.

We're also trying to be really strict about the babies sched. since so many of you reminded me that I need to be.

They have an eat, play, sleep schedule and if they wake up from naps less than an hour after going down, I try to rock them back to sleep.

No. They aren't sleeping through the night (last night they got up ready to play at 4:30am) but we're all a bit happier.
And now my phone is being weird, so I'll see you tomorrow.

Posted by my iPhone. :)

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Anonymous said...

Ok so I have boy girl twins and they are 4 months this week and we are having sleep problems too. I thought my boy might have acid reflux, he is extremely fussy all the time. So I guess I'm wondering how they knew they had it and what they gave them for it because at the moment we don't have insurance and I don't want to take them in and nothing come of it.

Angela said...

That is SO happy to hear! (Not all the issues, but actually having a REASON!) As you may have seen in my comment, acid reflux was my first instinct. It's just a common baby issue. Teething, of course, is the most common baby issue, with gas being a close second. Poor babies having them all at the same time and having the cherry on top being a stomach flu! Yikes!

Remember, this too, shall pass! I am praying for you!