Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mathematicians (is a hard word to spell)

Our boys LOVE when we clap and sing loudly.
To calm them down or make them laugh Travis often starts counting loudly and clapping.

Recently we had this conversation:

Travis: Maybe the boys will be accountants. 
Me: What?
Travis: Or mathematicians. 
Me: Sorry, why?
Travis: Because they love math.
Me: What? No they don't. They're babies.
Travis: Well, they love counting. 
Me: They don't know how to count.
Travis: They love when I count for them, though.
Me: I think they just like that you're clapping. Maybe they'll be percussionists, because they love to hear you keep rhythm. 
Travis: Oh yeah.... I guess that makes more sense. 

Sometimes I think that he is mental.
"They love math."

At least he's an awesome Dad, and not all crazy...

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Carlie said...

haha that is an awesome conversation!

Polly said...

Poor form Becky, don't make fun of your spouse in public. They tend to take offense.

Krystle said...

ha! that is funny

Unknown said...


Angela said...

This made me chuckle. :-)


Unknown said...

You should encourage them to become chaotician. Chaos + Math = Chaotician.

Marge Bjork said...

I love when people bring up math in conversations, it never ceases to be funny to me. I also think the word "math" is funny.