Thursday, September 8, 2011

Solid Foods

Travis and I had fully intended to wait until the boys were 7 months old to feed them solids, since most people agree that 6 months is the best time to start and Grey and Micah were a month early.
But we couldn't help wanting to let them suck a bit on whatever we were eating (a peach slice here, a tomato there), and about a month ago we started letting them have the occasional bit of fruit.
"BUT," we told ourselves, "we definitely won't spoon feed them food until they can at least sit up on their own."
Well, check. They can.
And the doctor said that as soon as they start acting really interested in eating, we should start feeding them.
And check, apparently.
Last night my sister and some of our girl friends were all sitting on the living room floor, gorging ourselves on take-out Chinese food while my sons watched with rapt attention. They followed the progression of fork from plate to mouth with much reaching, whining and general begging. So it seemed the time had come.

I made a bowl of watery rice cereal, which they were not even remotely interested in (they were practically yelling "gimme some pork lo mein!"). So I added a mashed up banana and DANG! They loved that mushy stuff.
I took them less than 10 minutes to figure out how to eat and then they were so impatient for us to shovel the food into their mouths that they'd cry in the two seconds it took to get more food on their spoons.
Micah was especially crazed, and would scream in horror every time the spoon went away from him, and grab the arm and hand holding the spoon when it returned and shove it forcefully towards his own face.
"Get in ma belly!"
They each ate a good sized bowl. Grey probably ate about a half cup of mashed banana and rice cereal, and Micah twice as much.
So. I guess from now on they'll eat dinner with us.

Sorry all the pics are blurry and of Grey. They were taken with the phone, and the boys were so busy trying to get food in them that they wouldn't hold still.

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B. said...

Awesome! The boys will probably be able to sleep longer at night with solid food in their little bellies.

Polly said...

Cute pictures of Grey. He looks a little lopsided though. They are growing up to fast.

pyjammy pam said...

Oh my, your babies are so sweet! Just found your blog. Love the u/s video! I have one of our first too, how I wish it had started 30 seconds earlier, when the tech told us we were having 3!


gillian claire said...

just stumbled across your blog, and wanted to stop and say i've really enjoyed it! i just had my second little boy 7 weeks ago, so i'm in total baby mode and have enjoyed all the sweet pictures of your twins. and i love their names :)