Wednesday, October 26, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Face snugglers

There aren't a lot of good things that come with sick babies, but one thing that makes it almost worth it is that my pretty snuggly boys become very snuggly.
And their favorite way of snuggling (and showing affection in general) is "face snuggling."
Face snuggling consists mainly of Eskimo kisses (rubbing noses), pressing their foreheads against your forehead, and pressing their cheek to your cheek.
They sigh, and relax and rest their bodies against whoever is holding them and nuzzle and face snuggle, then they pop up and look at you, smile, and snuggle in again.
It's very nice.

I love it.

My dad snagged a picture of Grey and I snuggling, and then took the rest of these as well as the boys crawled around and played this morning.

I love that you can see the boys' hair in these pictures. No one believes me when I say that they're not bald, just SUPER blond! They have such pale, fine hair that they look hairless in most pictures and videos.

Sadly, we're still pretty picture-less around here.
But I blame the coughing, snorting, pukey children.


MARCIE said...

Hair! That is the first thing I noticed! That and the beautiful quality of the photos! Yay Chris! These are wonderful! I am so sorry that they don't feel well. But they sure look good! That shot of Grey is esp. cute!

Marli said...

how sweet. you're boys are precious. hope everyone's well soon!