Wednesday, October 19, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - iPhone pics

Now we have a new computer in our house (for the time being, since it's actually a "work computer") and my card reader doesn't work! Ai, ai, ai!
(Is that how that's spelled? Or is it Aye?)

Anywho, we gotta take what we can get. So here are some iphone pictures. (And I tried to use Picnik, and I was impressed with how easy it is, BUT I couldn't figure out how to make collages, so each picture's on it's own today...)

The boys and their daddy at Ikea. They look happy now, but by the time we got them home, they were little baby messes. Oops. Too long of a day, I guess...

Crawling outside at Grandma's house.  

In the last few days a couple different people have commented on how much bigger Olfie (that monster) is in real life than they expected. So I took a picture of him with the boys for you to compare...

Grey on the left, Micah the right. One way to tell them apart is the way they smile. Grey smiles down, wide, so you can see his tongue and bottom gums, usually. And Micah smiles up, he crinkles his nose and pulls up his chin. Although Micah's not smiling big in this picture, so it's kind of hard to tell....


Grey (see what I mean about "smiling down," though?) 

The boys can now pull themselves up on furniture and in their beds.... it makes nap time much tricker. 

Micah eating oranges. 

Grey eating oranges. 

Both eating oranges. And I love that Grey only has on one sock... 

And remember this picture from earlier? Grey is on the left in the "cardigan" and Micah is on the right in the stripes.

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Unknown said...

those towel bibs are genius! do you have a pattern for them?

Unknown said...

looks like it's time to lower the mattresses on the cribs! (easy to do). At this stage it's so simple for the little ones to climb over the rail and it's a long way down :(

Angela said...

To make a collage on Picnik, go to the home page and instead of clicking upload, click collage. You can choose which collage you want to use (some are free, some are not) and upload your pics at that point. :-) I hope that helps!


MARCIE said...

They are the smiliest babies! And it seems like they keep themselves busy.

Marge Bjork said...

they are so smiley!