Friday, October 21, 2011

Family Pictures: pt 2

Does this picture look familiar? We inadvertantly copied the picture on the header.
So I have a plan, which was secret (but not really, because I love to talk about my plans for this plan.... not confusing, right?)
Okay. So the plan: we're taking our family pictures in the same orchard during summer, fall, winter and spring. (so {here} are the pics from summer)
Since every three months I want to take family pictures anyway, we decided it would be fun to take them in the same place.
I love this, because we can do a lot of the same exact things and poses, but we can also do new things, as the boys learn to sit, stand, and run around on their own over the course of the year.
And the leaves, snow and blossoms show how time is passing.
Sigh. Such a lovely idea, am I right?

So here are some of my favorite pictures from yesterday in the orchard, and I'll have a little video up (like last time) by hopefully Monday. 
Hope your weekend is excellent!
This picture is my FAVORITE PICTURE. Perhaps ever.

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MARCIE said...

Wonderful, wonderful photos! The trees look like they are budding, which makes no sense at all. Also, love Travis' video!

Polly said...

Beautiful, your little family is growing older. So cute to watch the progress of your sweet babies. I can't wait to see them. Did you have a friend come take your pictures this time? The babies look like they are looking at someone.

Anonymous said...

Love love love the favorite picture! Do you have a remote for your camera or did you use the timer or enlist the help of someone else?

Brittany said...

Beautiful. You guys are absolutely beautiful.

Becky Pitcher said...

We actually have a special remote that acts like a timer, and takes a picture every three seconds. AND we had some of our friends come stand behind the camera a d clap and sing so the boys would lookup and smile.

The Lummus Family said...

Adorable! These turned out so good. Do you guys take pictures for people too?

comparatively said...

Ahh, how precious! You have such a perfect, darling family. :)

Love the idea of going back to the same place for family photos.

Carlie said...

Such cute pictures. I agree with you on your favorite. That one is great!

Kara said...

Love these!!!!

Marge Bjork said...

I love the pictures and the plan! I miss hanging out with you guys!

Polly said...

I like the last one. It looks like your babies are being beamed up to the Mother ship.