Thursday, November 17, 2011

Surviving without computers, lungs, or husbands

Travis' computer has finally bitten the dust, too. Leaving me without any type of computer whatsoever (besides the iPhone). So this autocorrected mess, which I will be unable to proofread is all you get. Sorry.
But in the mean time, may I suggest hopping over to my friend Julia's hilarious BLOG? She is so funny that you will probably laugh until you cry and your husband comes in to check on you because he's worried about the strange sounds you're making.
And to tide you over with some Baby making love, here is a Becky and Travis original conversation:
Travis: How could I live without yoooou? I want to know. How could I something without you? Blah blah blah Ooooh!
Becky: How could I ever, EVER SUURVIIIIIIVE?
Travis: Is it cool or lame that we almost know the words to this song?
Becky: Definately cool. Let me look up the real lyrics.
(looking up lyrics on my phone...)
Becky: It's apparently LeeAnn Rimes. "How do I live without you? How do I breathe without you?"
Travis: Is this a song about lungs?
Becky: Clearly. How do I ever, ever survive?
Travis: Without you, there'd be no lungs in my life. You open and close, and my diaphram pulls air down into my body!
Becky: You're off tune.
Travis: I don't know this song. Plus, how WOULD you live without me?
Becky: Happily. I don't need you.
Travis: FALSE. You are obsessed with me.
Becky: Peacefully. Non-stressfully.
Travis: You don't clean. The house would be a mess.
Becky: Untidily, but fine.
Travis: You'd be so poor.
Becky: Everyday strangers give me fistfulls of cash because I'm so pretty.
Travis: Well fine. But I'd be miserable without you.
Becky: Since you said it first, I can say it too. "If you ever gooo, how could I ever, ever surviiiiive?" I couldn't. I'd be too sad.

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Marge Bjork said...

hahahahaaaaaa I love you two

Julia said...

I've made the big time, folks!!