Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Twins are the best thing ever.

Seriously. I am not kidding.
Every once and a while (aka: several times a day) I look over at my children and think, "Some poor saps only get one baby at a time? What do they do? They must be so depressed, and lonely and their kids don't have a best friend, and what if your husband is holding your baby during church? You just have to sit there and listen? When you could be HOLDING A BABY INSTEAD? How sad!"

I know that some people read that and think "Becky is insane," but I also think that thinking twins rock the freaking world is a pretty normal response (or else being terrified out of your mind of twins) or people wouldn't run (actually RUN) up to me in grocery stores and yell "OH MY GOSH, I've always wanted twins!" and people wouldn't stop me and say "Twins? How old? I have twins, too. Aren't they FUN?" 
Because that's the thing: twins are fun.
And twins are amazing.

And people who have twins are amazing.
Not to toot my own horn, but my body made two babies. At once. 
Sometimes, like today, it just hits me all over again and I want to freak out.
One of my good friends, Cecelia, was 35 weeks pregnant with twins yesterday, and I got this terrifying text from her:
"I'm freaking out. Please say prayers for me. I'm at a 6. Just got to the doctor because I thought it was more cramps. No time to make it to a hospital with a NICU. I am hysterical and needing some good thoughts."
And I am usually not very good. When I receive texts or calls or emails like that, I usually stay where I am, and maybe bow my head a bit and offer a quick prayer like that. I feel guilty about that.
But yesterday I panicked, remembering my own terrifying birth and the need my babies had of the NICU and I instantly dropped to my knees and sobbed out a prayer begging for peace, and health and for everything and everyone to be fine.
And I called and texted a few more people, and kept praying, and I felt a bit of peace, but I was still scared.  Because I've learned that the peace that comes from God saying "It will all work out," doesn't always mean "It will all work out how you want."
Less than an hour and a half after the first text, Celia texted me again "The babies came super fast. I'm not sure of the exact weights but they are doing great. I had no drugs and am in a daze, but happy. Thank you for the love!"
Followed by this picture, and the caption: Ezra and Elliot. Just hanging out. Being Buds.

And I lost it again.

Amazing. Celia, babies, God. Amazing.
And my babies are amazing. I can't stop wondering and marveling at them.
Grey learned to whistle this week. WHISTLE! Amazing.

I really cannot think of another word to describe them.
Oh, and I visited another set of twin boys in the NICU this week, and (by the way) they were amazing, too. They were so strong. So tiny.
But they weren't that tiny. I just remembered when my boys were so small, and how hard it is to have babies in the hospital.  Their mom is another super mom.
I've gotten to just babbling, haven't I?
Well I'm not quite finished.

Someone (a mother of twins) said to my mom, "I'm sure your daughter is an amazing mom, because moms of twins are amazing."
And I look at the many women around me who have twins and think "No kidding."
On a nearly daily basis people say to me, "How do you do it?" and I feel cheesy saying things like this, but I believe that you rise to the challenges that you face. You don't know how strong you are until you need to be strong. And you might have your hands full with one baby, but you too could handle twins.
God would just put you into the refining fire, and bring out another super mom.
(Not to imply that moms of one baby, or many babies who aren't born at the same time aren't super moms. Many of them are... I'm just on my own twin train of thought today.)
Anyway. You can read Celia's birth story on her blog {Babies Are Simple} here.

And I'd actually love if you left your thoughts on the topic in the comments, and maybe even a link to your birth story (or that of another super mom that you know of.)
Because seriously, ladies? We freaking rock. Moms are the bomb.
And also, so are twins.

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Molly B said...

I love this post....I am a mom to twin 10 month old boys and you said it perfectly! We do rock!! Plus we breast fed twins!! I did it for 7 months....we rock, you are right.

Polly said...

Wow, Celia's babies look huge! They aren't even on oxygen? Congrats to her and her family. I'm so glad everything went so well. I'm not sure but it seems like there are way more sets of twins now then when I was young. I didn't even know any twins which is why people run up to you, it's exciting! I can't believe I have my very own twin grandbabies! I still want to run up to mom's with twins and tell them that you have twins. Weird? Yes! I totally agree that there are times in life when God helps you be stronger and this is one of those times for you because you are amazing!

Kristen and Mike said...

I agree with you! I would feel bad for my kids if they did not have eachother at the same age! I would not want it any other way! My triplets are 18 months and I just love watching them play together. I love your post and think you are super-mom! :)

Marissa said...

This might be my favorite post of yours ever. You made me cry. And so did Celia. I somehow found you, Brittany and Celia (my twins will be two in March) and I now stalk you all. Regularly.

Here is my twins birth story.

stayday said...

We rock- I love being mum to 8 month old twin girls!!!

Julia said...

We do rock. Mama-ing twins is the single hardest thing I've ever done. It has s t r e t c h e d me in ways I never thought possible.

Refiner's fire---great way to put it.

Through parenting my 21 month old "littles" I've found ways to be thankful when things were overwhelmingly difficult. Found joy in the hard stuff. And the joy? God sees to it that it's twice as wonderful. :)

Our life is beautiful. I am so very blessed.

Kristi said...

What a great blog! I found you through Brittany, and I look forward to following you. :)

Here's the link to my twins' birth with a warning that it is crazy but has a beautiful ending.


Jeremy and Sarah said...

Love this! I am mom to 4 month old twin boys, and they are super fun!

My birth story did not go any sort of way that I had planned, but all that really matters is that my boys got here all healthy.

Read my story here :

Part 1:

Part 2:

Rachel said...

Great post. Twins are fun. Thanks for that amazing post.

Mary Helen said...

Ok so I'm only mama to one ten month old boy, but we found out at 1 month he had a rare liver disease and a syndrome. When I prayed that everything would be ok, that was never how I planned it. But you're right when you say things work out in the end. So no matter what the struggle is in your life, be it twins, special needs children, etc God places that cross on you because He also walks with us to strengthen us and make us super mamas. So many of my friends have said similar things to me like "I don't know how you do it" but you do, and they would too. People usually just think of the strength they have and often forget about the strength of God who works through us mamas daily.

Your boys are precious and I can't think it anything but a blessing to have two! Great post!

Claire said...

It's incredible how even though my little girl is still inside my belly, kicking and moving like crazy, I have begun to take on the mama-mentality. I realize I have no idea what's actually ahead of me, but it helps to hear things like you said in this post, Becky. Thanks for the encouragement. Yeah! I CAN do this! Cuz Becky has twins and she does it!

Celia said...

Becky- I love you so much. I am so grateful for the prayers and love you sent our way. It was nice knowing you were on my side!

Also, how lucky is it that we are friend? How amazing is that? I am sure it was no coincidence that several different events led us to meet and become friends. I love knowing I can call you for advice or support.

Thanks for loving me. You are loved in return. Wholeheartedly.

Salem said...

This was such a nice post to hear! I only just found your blog last week but I'm 36 weeks pregnant with twins and slightly freaking out. You hear all the horror stories so much it's fantastic to hear the postive side for once. Thanks, and I'll be coming back!

xj. said...

I have two singletons (4 years apart), which is way different than twins, but here is my 3 month old son's birth story


I had a waterbirth with my daughter when I was 19 and a single mama. This was my second waterbirth, and it was wonderful.

I think your boys are wonderful, and I wish we lived nearby so we could have playdates with all the babies. My husband grew up in Elk Ridge.

Unknown said...

I've been wanting to comment for days, but am just now getting around to it. my identical twin boys were born at 27 weeks on March 15, because of twin to twin transfusion syndrome. Both babies were minutes away from death, as baby A had lost all of his blood and baby B had twice as much blood as he should have - both his and his brothers'. My boys are doing wonderfully now, and I am thankful beyond words for them. But I really can't say that twins are fun. My twins have been such hard work. Each day is an incredible test of paitence and love...only through God's grace, as He grants me HIS love and HIS paitence. My babies have very difficult temperments, most likely because of their very tough start. They have health issues, intense stranger anxitey, over-stimulation issues, difficulty calming down and being soothed, because of their prematurity. One thing that really helps me through is my happy 2 1/2 year old...without him I would truly question my abilities as a mother, because often I can't keep my twins happy for more than a few minutes.
We're getting though this, and some days I can really see that the babies are better adjusting to our life together. I know that getting through these hard months will be worth it. It's worth it even now, when we get smiles and giggles...they mean that much more because we've worked so hard for them.
anyway, I say all that to say ....even though I can't say that my twins are fun, I come to your blog for encouragement. To hope that some day our days will be as happy as yours. Sometimes it makes me jealous. I feel like I am missing out on so many happy moments with my boys. But then I have to remember that it is such a blessing that I have ANY moments with my boys...we were so very close to loosing them, but God saved them for some special reason.
Thanks for your blog.

Our birth story is on a little protected blog I kept while the boys were in the NICU. But if you're interested in reading it I'd be glad to send you an invite! :)

and, also, I am a nerd and vote for your blog every day. I'm so glad you're #18 today! There are some weirdo blogs on there that you should definitely be beating - so I'll keep voting!! :)

Betsy Hite Reddoch said...

I too love being a twin mom. My boys are 10 - almost 11 months old. When I was pregnant I participated in a pregnancy podcast called PregTASTIC. You can listen to my birth story here: http://www.pregtastic.com/betsys-birth-story/

I love reading up on your cute family. Since our kids are close in age I get some great tips. Keep on being awesome. Twins rock!

Jennifer said...

As a mom to a 3 year old and 7 month old triplets, I would have to agree....moms of multiples ROCK!!! And you are right, you dont know yourself that you can do it, until you have to. Congrats on your twins and your friend's twins.