Wednesday, December 21, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - D'autres bébés

So, I like to say "autre bébé," when I'm talking to the boys. Like this, "Okay, let me go get the autre bébé," or "Hey. Where's the autre bébé?" and sometimes I say "Un bébé," and "deux bébé" about them.
So yeah. I pretty much speak French fluently.
This is a post about un bébé and deux bébé's friends.
I've been trying really hard to take pictures when we're with friends, and the evidence is that I have a dozen blurry photographs from two playdates.
They have more friends than these two (omg did I mention how popular my 9 month olds are?), but these are probably their best friends.

First pics are from a few weeks ago when their cousin James was over. He's 13 months and the boys are both in awe of him (another baby that can walk?) and afraid of him, which I know because he takes their toys and they don't fight back, but sit there intimidated.

All three boys were obsessed with trying to drink out of each other's cups and bottles.

Jame's mama is not pictured, but Camille is a dancer who lives in Scotland (they're in town for the holidays) and you can read her blog {here.}

And this second set of pictures is with their friend Gabe, who is only two days younger than the boys. Gabe is second on Micah's list of people he loves to kiss and hug (Grey is first, of course). Oh wait. I'm second. Gabe is third.

Gabe apparently looks at books instead of tearing them up and eating them.
There's a lot my children can learn from him.
Also, he can clap.
I am highly jealous.

Once when Kaylie (Gabe's mama) and I were out for lunch with our boys someone asked if they were triplets. Uh... they're different ethnicities.
But good try.
Two thirds of triplets, plus an extra baby.

Also, can we please talk about Grey's craaa-zy hair? I. DIE. I love it so much. My favorite part of cold weather is that my children constantly have hat hair.

Oh, and the two women on that couch are Kaylie, who has a sometimes-written-on but very lovely and {thought-provoking blog} and Claire, who has a beautiful, delicious, and [semi?] healthy { food blog} that you should read.

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Nana B said...

Becky I agree about the hair, it is way too funny to see it sticking straight up in the air. At least now you can see that they have hair. I just giggled the first time I saw it, Grandpa says your house must be really dry for the static electricity to get to the boys hair.

Aimee said...

I love Claire and Kaylie! And Gabe the babe is so adorable and I have yet to meet him.

PS. The link for Kaylie's blog goes to bright eyed and delicious too. Just fyi.

Polly said...

Very cute, happy babies. I love that I can see Grey's hair! It is awesome. Fluffy head is adorable on babies and not so cute on Dad's. haha

Jena said...

I jealous of this play date!! I love Kaylie, and I love you ( don't need to meet people to love them)How fun!!!

Becky Pitcher said...

Aimee, thanks! I will try to fix it soon, but I can't on my phone and my computer is 100% dead and so is my cord... Probably from being chewed on by two kids...

Unknown said...

Fun! Can I have those pictures? We love coming over.

kaylie jean. said...

Love em! Thanks dearie. Our play dates are the best fo sho.