Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pitcher Family Photos

Some of our wedding pictures look like a gag, because on one side of the picture is a group of tall, thin, blonds and one the other side of the picture is... well, normal people.
But compared to the Pitchers (Travis' family) my family looks a bit like hobbits.
Anyway. That's unrelated except that I was feeling bad that you haven't had pictures in awhile, and when I look at these tall skinny people I want to laugh.
Because seriously? It is not right for an entire family to be so good looking. (Except of course, my good-looking family, aka Travis and me and our children. Dang!)

Anyway, over the weekend, my mother-in-law hosted a great big family Christmas party, and before the festivites we took a family picture with all of Dad and Mom Pitcher's children, children-in-laws, and grandchildren.
Maybe it's because we're so very good looking that I like these disorganized, goofy pictures the most.
I like how we're all moving except Mom & Dad Pitcher.

Hmm. I want to say something insightful about the second one, like how they're the eye of the storm, or the foundation of all our busy lives, or how they're at the middle of all our lives... but I can't find just the right words.
Help a sista out?

And in case you were wondering (like, in case you are my mother-in-law), yes. At least one picture turned out:

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Marli said...

it looks like organized chaos to me. ;D what a sweet family!

The Spencers said...

That is a very good looking group there!! Love the family photo. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

MARCIE said...

I think you were looking for "the eye of the storm" which is always calm. And how do they do that, is what I want to know? Love the active shots and yes. the final one is perfect!