Friday, December 9, 2011

Twin play

Sometimes I just can't capture how awesome these babies are with my words.
And you need videos.

Sorry Mom, you've already seen these. I know you'll be disappointed with today's post. :)

This first one is from Thanksgiving weekend, when my sister Mary just happened to be filming when Grey took his first step.
Thanks, Mary!

This one is a few days old. I love it, because Grey pushes Micah, and then Micah pokes him right in the face.
Shesh, brothers. Am I right?

This one is my favorite. Yesterday the boys were sick (they seem to be sick A LOT, right?) so we were chilling out, and I thought "maybe they'd like to watch some sick-day cartoons."
They did not.

They are hypnotized, repulsed, and mildly entertained - all at once by Yo! Gabba Gabba!

This one is long, but we managed to catch on tape an organic moment when the boys started playing together and I find it to be ADORABLE.  The first part is pretty cute, of Grey playing with daddy (and Micah being ignored), but it really gets cute around 1:45.

Like what you see? (nudge, nudge... sexy dance, maybe?)
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Unknown said...

So cute!!! It is wonderful that you capture these for them. They will love the videos when they get older!

I may have written about you once or twice today : )

Polly said...

I'm not disappointed, I watch these over and over!

Ana {Oh Simply Loving You!} said...

these videos are so adorable! when are you having another baby again? I think I read three years...hmmm, maybe now???? j/k

Becky Pitcher said...

Haha, every time I see a new baby I start crying and saying "I need a baby NOW."

So... three years... yeah. Maybe.
Travis thinks somehow he can make me wait until they're in 1st grade, which usually results in my crying "You aren't in charge of my uterus!"