Saturday, January 21, 2012

A letter to my babies

Dear Babies,
How I adore you. Thank you for being the life of every room you enter. Thank you for making church so interesting (and also optional.) Thank you for wanting to hold my hand, cling to my neck, and
give me kisses that turn into my chin being chewed on and my cheek being licked.
It's slimy. But I love it.
I know that your daddy is your favorite, and that's okay. I'm your other favorite, and frankly - I love seeing how much you adore him. I love him so much. He's my very favorite person in the world, and I like that he's your very favorite, too.
Everyday you learn new things: how to climb on and off the couch, to to hug each other while you're standing without tipping over, how to drink your bottles with a few Cheerios and a grape tucked into your cheek.
And every day you become better friends. I hear you giggling from the other room and peek in to see you playing little games of peek-a-boo with each other, sticking out your tongues and laughing at each other's faces, opening books and showing the pictures to your brother.  I saw each of you share for the first time last week. Really share, I mean.
Grey, you had a piece of banana bread clutched in your hand and when Micah tried to look at it you uncurled your fist and held out your palm to your brother -letting him eat it off your hand like a puppy.
Micah, you were holding a block in each hand, banging them up and down happily, and your brother started crying about something.  You instantly held out one of your toys to your brother, who took it and smiled.  He stopped crying and you cheered right up, watching him act so happy.
You're so smart. So loving. So silly and fun.
I've seen a couple little newborns lately, and it makes me miss being able to snuggle you, breastfeed you, and sleep with you on my chest.  I keep forgetting that you're not really babies anymore. Babies don't walk and talk, and babies aren't as smart and independent as you are.
I miss having little babies, yes, but ohmygoodness you're so much fun now. You're so happy, and being with you all day is so gratifying. You know how to communicate your feelings these days, and that means that I know when you love me, when you're happy, when you're grateful (and when you're grumpy), and suddenly everything seems much more worth it.
So thank you. And I love you.

This picture is too close to our faces... but I still like it.

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lucy at dear beautiful said...

Oh my goodness. What an adorable letter to your adorable boys. I think the little stories you shared about them sharing with each other were the absolute cutest bit.
And I know what you mean about missing the baby stage but loving the fun stage they are at. My little guy just seems to be more fun every day.

Unknown said...

I love letters, and they're even better when you get a two-fer. :) your babies are adorable and I love your blog! Take care! :)

Kelly from

Aimee said...

I should've mentioned at Claire's shower yesterday that I'm a follower. Your boys sure are adorable. Loved seeing them interact and your interactions with them yesterday as well.

Anna said...

Oh, my. This makes me sad that I only have one! (And I NEVER thought I'd say that)

F as in Frank said...

This is so so so sweet.