Monday, January 23, 2012

No no.

In the last week, the boy seem to have suddenly grasped sign language.
On Thursday, Grey started waving and yelling "Di di! Di di!" which actually was him asking to go "Night-night." He was so tired, and we usually wave and say "Ni-ni" to brother and whoever else is at our house before bed.
I went and laid him down, and he smiled, lay down, and went right to sleep.
Yeah, he was asking for a nap. Perfect baby, I love you.
Then Micah caught on to the sign "All done," which he sometimes accompanies with two syllables, "Ah da!" He signs all done when we finish reading a story, when he wants to be taken out of his high chair, and when he wants me to stop changing his diaper.
And this morning Micah learned "No."
Usually I wag my finger and say "No, no" or "No thank you!" and Micah saw me, and instantly stuck his finger up and started shaking it around.
When Grey dropped his cup over the side of his high chair (on purpose) I said, "No, no Grey. Please don't do that."
And Micah picked up his own cup, dropped it, and then started wagging his finger. That's right. No no.
Then later he squatted down next to his toys shook his finger at it and said "No, no." Such a smart boy.
It started driving Grey crazy, though. Micah followed him around taking toys from him and then signing No, no. I'm pretty sure he was trying to say, "No, these toys aren't for you. They're for me."
We went in to the doctor today to get the boys checked out before our trip on Wednesday, and after a while Micah decided that he hated it. He walked to the door and started signing "All done," "No, no" and then waving bye bye.
The message was pretty clear. I am done here. I do not like this. I am leaving.
Grey joined him, and the two whined and waved until we left.
It's bye, bye time. We hate the doctor.

Anyway, I already posted today, but I didn't want to forget that story of them at the doctor, it made me laugh so! I love that they're learning to communicate better, it makes them so much happier when they're not frustrated by being unable to tell us what they want.
Now at least we know what they don't want.

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Brittany H said...

Haha! My son did the same thing today! Then I started laughing, and now he thinks its totally a game when I tell him no. Whoops.