Monday, January 30, 2012


There is snow up here in Montana, but the most that the boys and I ever do is sit. In the snow. Just sit.
They're pretty cute though.
And they sure like it.

The cute redheaded girl is my sister Kathryn.  She's 6, so she's actually closer in age to the boys than to me, and more like a big sister than an aunt. She's so sweet and fun with the boys, and always helping, hugging, and doting on them.

All the pictures with me in them were taken by Kathryn... maybe we have another photographer in the family...

These pictures were edited with "Micah Love" at 50% from the HoneyBee Action Set.
Also, read this review of the actions, on Katie's Blog: The Bradley Bunch.

Hope your weekend was lovely!
Mine included caring for two sick people, and Kathryn and the boys.
Man, I should just be a nurse, amIright?

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F as in Frank said...

What a perfect post :) Love photo of Kathryn going a hand-stand; her photo skills rock for being 6! Your family is just pretty much awesome.

Brittany H said...

Weird. I also have a redheaded 6 year old sister named Catherine who is 16 years younger than me and only 6 years older than my son.

Unknown said...

Fun! Those snow suits are awesome. I'm glad that you were able to use them this winter. Hope your family is well. Love you guys!