Monday, February 13, 2012

Self-portrait and self-updates.

Chelsey, over at the Paper Mama is doing a self-portrait challenge, and as I set up a little "studio" on Saturday and spent a long time taking pictures of my babies and then making my brother Jack take pictures of me and my babies, I just so happen to have a portrait of my self. or two.

I like that these pictures are kind of soft and pretty. I'm an angular girl, and most recent pictures of me are rather... pointy. So I think these are just perfect.

Obsessing over: Instagram. I always liked Instagram. But in the last  three or four weeks, it's become an unhealthy obsession. I especially love the connection to my fellow bloggers. I never really liked Twitter, but IG seems like the pretty-picture alternative that I needed. (You can follow me at rebeccahlouise)

Working on: Reading grown up books. I was talking to my fourteen year old brother, who just finished Animal Farm and Fahrenheit 451, and I remembered that I love to read. And I don't just love to read children's books -even though, really- I love children's books so very much. Sometimes I like to read books that stimulate me to have engaging, interesting, philosophical discussions. This week I bought East of Eden and Farewell to Arms. I will read them... as soon as I'm done reading this children's book about dragons that I'm currently engaged in.
Thinking about: Recently, all I think about is crafting. All day. I have a list a mile high of crafts and projects for when I get home. Our bed needs all new fresh pillowcases and I will make them. My quilt needs to be quilted and bound so that it can go on the bed. I need to develop the roll of Holga film that's been in the Holga since we got married, and has slowly been getting used up, so I can see if there are any pictures I want to print to go above our bed with our wedding and engagement Holga prints. I think the reason that I think about it all day long, is because I can't do ANYTHING here - craft-wise, that is. 
Anticipating: Travis. He will be here Wednesday night. WEDNESDAY NIGHT. Hurrah! Hurroo! Hurray! I miss him like mad, and I can't wait for the babies to show off all their new tricks to him.  Yesterday Micah asked for water. He asked for it with words! He said "Wawa?"
Listening to: My She and Him pandora station along with the occasional Youtube video, which is usually the Muppets (for the babies, of course... okay, and me, a little. I do love the Muppets.)
Eating: Right now? Nothing. Unless you count the ice in my water, which I can't stop from chewing. I do love me some ice. And I tend to drink huge, inordinate amounts of water - especially when I was breast feeding. So much water, that multiple people have asked me if something's wrong. "You seem to be drinking a lot of water," they say, "are you sick?"
Wishing: That my babies would sleep a little better here.  For some reason, in Montana they both feel the need to get up a couple times a night, which means that I'm getting up between 2 and 4 times every single night. Geez. I thought we were over the sleepless nights. I forgot how torturous it is not to have a full night's sleep. And my babies are whiney, too. No one likes it. But soon we'll be home.

These pictures were edited with Baby Grey from HoneyBee Actions. 
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Unknown said...

Both pictures are adorable, but I think I love the faces in the top one best. Good luck with the photo challenge!!

Aimee said...

Love the updates. and the self portraits. You know its actually healthy to drink a lot of water? I mean, it helps clean out our system and its so good for you, helps lose weight too. Of course you don't need that though.

brooke said...

looove the photos, beck. also, east of eden=possibly the greatest book of all time. takes some commitment though.