Friday, March 2, 2012

Our stay at the hospital:

Our stay was (thankfreakinggoodness) short lived.  We were there for just a bit over 24 hours. And now we are home.
Grey was unbelievably cheerful and friendly. Here's the story of how he was starved to death:
We were asked on Wednesday afternoon to start Grey fasting so that he could have an MRI (he needed to be sedated, and can't have eaten in 6 hours.) So Grey stopped eating around 3pm.  The doctors and specialists argued back and forth and finally decided (around 11:30pm) that Grey wouldn't need an MRI that night.  So we made our starving baby a bottle.
BUT, they told us that Grey would have a bone scan early in the morning the next day, so he couldn't eat anything past 2am.
So he ate a bottle at 11:30pm and 2am.
But when we finally talked to the radiology dept the next day, we were informed that their lab didn't even open until 1 that afternoon.
ONE PM. So Grey had to keep fasting. ALL DAY. I may have had a bit of a freak out. He's not an adult. He's a baby. He's not even a year old. He does not deserve this.

I might have felt a little better if every single person who came in hadn't said "So is this little Christopher? Or do you go by Chris?" Neither. His middle name is Christopher. Look at your chart.
Oh, and one doctor said, "So, this is little Gary Pritchett?"
Nope. Good try.
Watching the Muppets to stay distracted
Grey had two x-rays, an ultrasound, and bone scan during our stay.

"Oh, but that's not so bad," you say. Wrong. Now I will tell you about how Grey was not allowed to sleep:
First of all, we didn't get up in to a room until well after midnight, and before then we were in an examination room where person after person came in to stretch, pull, "put pressure on" and try to make Grey walk on his hurt leg.
You know, so each and every doctor and nurse could have their own personal understanding of his hurt. This might have been fine, except that it wasn't just a nurse, a doctor, and an orthopedic specialist. It was also each of their med students. Which meant that there were literally a dozen doctors, residents, students and whatevers pushing, pulling, and hurting my baby.
So after midnight we were led to a room and Grey was hooked up to a bunch of monitors, even though I tried to explain that he was here for a leg injury. His lungs were fine. He was getting air. He did not need his breathing to be monitored. And (for the 20th time) the nurse "took his vitals."
They took his blood pressure, listened to him breathing, looked in his ears and took his temperature. Finally, finally, they said we could go to sleep.
They left the room and I laid Grey in his giant crib bed with a bottle, and snuck around turning off monitors and things that were blinking because SERIOUSLY. It was 7 hours past that boy's bedtime.
And after 20 minutes of crying, snuggling, stroking, and singing... hallelujah! Grey was asleep.
Snuggling his blanket. 

And then they came in an hour later and woke him up. To "take his vitals." Again.
This time, when I tried to put him back to sleep, he wasn't allowed a bottle, and every time he moved his leads fell off and started beeping loudly. After twenty minutes, I got him to sleep and when I opened the door to sneak out and get water, it creaked loudly and he woke screaming.
Another 20 minutes and he was asleep.
And then  he was woken by the damn beeping again.
An hour of Travis bouncing finally, finally resulted in Grey sleeping.
And then, of course, the nurse came in to "take his vitals."
I wanted to kill her.
An hour later the doctor came in to check up on Grey, and he was followed by his resident and med student. Oh, and the new morning nurse, who wanted to check up on things.
That boy didn't sleep.
And remember how he hadn't eaten?
He was so pathetic and yet. He was smiling. He was cheerful. He laughed when we played peek-a-boo and didn't whine when we ate in front of him.
Good boy.  The best boy.

Grey got an IV, which was a tearful process, on his part and mine. But once it was in, he found it to be a fascinating new toy.

And then I left, because I had to come back for our other son Micah. Remember him? and I sobbed the whole hour drive from Salt Lake and I listened to {this song} on repeat, and tried to sing along while sobbing like a drunk prom queen whose boyfriend dumped her (you know, like in movies?)
And thank goodness I wasn't at the hospital for Grey's sedation and bone scan, because just looking at the pictures Travis took makes me feel sick and start crying.

But finally the doctors decided that Grey probably just had swollen joints from an ear infection, and maybe if that was allowed to heal, his leg would get better.  (There's still a chance, though, that something else is wrong.) And after arguing that they wanted to "monitor him" overnight, Travis informed them that being there was making him sicker. 
So my baby was allowed to come home.

This morning, he's pretty pathetic, because he still is hurting and sick. But he is home.
He is napping.
And thank God for sleep, because he hasn't gotten much lately. And thank you. Thank you guys so, so much.  I felt so buoyed up, thinking of all the prayers and love vibes being sent my way. This baby deserved lots of prayers and blessings, and that's just what he got.
So thank you.

Bahahaha! This picture makes me laugh, and so freaking happy. Look at those goofy teeth! I love.
Such a happy, sweet, wonderful patient.  The best patient in the hospital. Certainly happier than me.

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Unknown said...
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tammy said...

I am glad to hear things are better. Ear infections are crazy and do crazy things.
I finally took Scarlett completely off milk to avoid tubes and it worked. I also saw a really good chiropractor who works with kids. (no bone cracking don't worry) If you want to try that let me know and I will give you his number. He is so great but he is in Sandy.
We just do enriched rice milk now. Just a thought.

Unknown said...

Oh this just puts a pit in my stomach for your most horrible 24 hours EVER. There is NOTHING worse than being a mother not allowed to give your babies food and nourishment! Not a worse feeling in the world!

One thing I learned from our hospital visits is that YOU are the patient, but also the paying customer. And the customer has a right to be satisfied, and a hospital is NOT a jail. So you have a right to say what you need and think, and you also have a right to leave (although you'll be guilt-tripped about it). :)

tammy said...

I agree with Sara's comment. You are a paying customer and doctors and nurses often forget this. It is so irritating!

Kristin said...

i know a fantastic chiropractor in orem if you want his info. we'll be taking our boys to him from day 1. i'm so so sorry to hear about all this. makes me sick!

Ben and Carrie said...

You don't know me but I've checked your blog a few times. When my little boy was about 18 months old, he started doing the same thing. Favoring his one leg, screaming when he tried to walk, and then collapsing on the floor. And it happened more than once. Our dr. finally concluded that it happened every time he got over a nasty cold/virus and that the virus just set up shop in his little hip. Causing swelling and pain. It made it sound a little like arthritis. Thankfully he has outgrown(?) that and I hope the same for your cute boy.

mommatojoa said...

Poor baby. I hope nothing else is wrong with his leg! He's a cutie pie!

Kara said...

Poor baby! I am glad he is home with you now.

If you ever have to do an overnight again with a little one, just tell the night nurse that you HAVE to skip the vitals check at 2am / 4am because your child needs to sleep. You are the parent and have the right to refuse it. If they put up a fuss, just have a calm conversation with the head nurse on staff. Seriously it works - two of my girlfriends did this and they were able to let their kiddos sleep at least 5 hours uninterrupted.