Wednesday, April 25, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - a blossomy afternoon

I may be tempted to go take pictures in this orchard every three months for the rest of our lives, because seriously. Adorable.
I love them. Always. 
Who needs a photographer when you have a fancy camera on a tripod, and people making silly sounds to get your babies to laugh?
To see our family pictures in AugustOctober, and January click {HERE}

Grey in green, Micah in blue.

Oh Grey, with his grouchy face, and Micah with his happy face.
I love those boys. DANG. They're cute.  

Also, I spent way too long mulling over the clothes I wanted my boys to wear, but I think I nailed it! Don't they look well-dressed and stylish? That's 'cause they are!

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Unknown said...

I have to be creative and find somewhere to do this. It is brilliant!

tammy said...

Really cute pics.