Monday, April 16, 2012

Bottle drinkers

Grey and Micah LOVE their bottles.
They carry them around all day, long after they're empty.
They like to put them inside of bins, bowls, and hide them and then pull them out to applause (their own.)
They like to squirt milk or water out of their bottles on to me or the floor.
They like to put the caps on and off of the bottles, over and over again.

In case you're wondering, they get three bottles of whole milk a day, a small one before each nap, and a big one before bedtime.

When the boys are feeling especially loving and generous, they'll shove their bottles into my or their brother's mouth. It makes them happy, surely it will bring happiness to others, right?

 They are so lovely and snuggly. They carry around blankets and baby dolls. They would rather sit on my lap than anywhere else, and I don't mind that they want bottles too.
I like that even though they are getting so independent and grown-up, they are still babies sometimes.
Do your kids do anything like that, that you don't mind because it's so sweet, even though they should probably outgrow it?

These pictures were edited with Paisley from HoneyBee Actions
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Unknown said...

They are seriously so adorable- my husband and I were just talking about when our son Wyatt would stop using a bottle. He just loves it so much- do your babies drink out of a sippy cup at all? I can't get Wyatt to use one for the life of me- so if there is a particular brand you guys love- please, let me know!



Elizabeth said...

Gabriel sleeps in my bed still even though he is 3 and I keep his hair longer because he looks more babyish and not so grown up.