Sunday, April 22, 2012


A few evenings ago, Travis and I went on a walk down by BYU campus, and I brought along my camera.
I'm so glad that I did, because even though we were just playing around, the lighting was lovely and the boys were so happy. We ended up getting some really cute pictures, especially of Travis and I, which is rare.
Usually, we just get a million pictures of babies only.
But, can you blame us? They're the best, cutest babies ever.

Oops, just realized that I forgot to label these pictures. Grey is in blue and Micah is in green.
 The eyes on those babies' faces! They. are. BLUE.
Their eyes are so blue, it's crazy. I think they're so handsome, just like their daddy.

Reaching for my camera.

Oh, those boys. They love their dad.  They would rather he held them both, than I held either of them.
Sigh. Maybe someday they'll love me.

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