Thursday, April 12, 2012

Flip Diapers

A few weeks ago, some Flip diaper covers went on sale at, so obviously I bought some.
And they're awesome.

Here are some pictures of my kids demolishing our living room, whilst wearing their Flipping Diapers.

I spent $30 and bought two covers and eight inserts (which is more than enough, I could probably be happy with 5 or 6) and feel like I doubled my diaper stash!
After using them for a few weeks, I've decided that while I do prefer pocket diapers for their all-in-one-ness, Flip diapers are really convenient, and especially good for diaper-wash days. I always have clean cloth diapers to put the boys in, because the covers just really need to be rinsed once and I can stick them right back on to my kids.
Just having those two covers means I rarely have to stick my kids in disposables while everything else washes.

Haha, Micah filled this wagon with toys and then climbed on in.

I would like the Flip a lot more if my boys weren't so wiggly, because it's harder to change out an insert quickly than a whole diaper.
Maybe in a few months they'll be calmer and I'll love the Flip even more.
Until then, they're pretty cute and the boys wear them a couple times a week.

What do you guys think? Do you use Flip diapers and like them? What are your favorite cloth diapers?

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T said...

I only use Flip diapers and I love them, but maybe because I have nothing to compare them to? There are definitely some cons (I am always chasing a half naked baby around because he got away while I fiddled around with the inserts) but it's not a huge deal for me and I think the cuteness makes up for it. I have a hard time putting pants on him because I don't want to cover up all the cloth-diapered, chubby-thighed cuteness.

-Danica- said...

We are users and lovers of Flips! I love using them when we go out places because it means I have to bring less with me. I like having a combination though of pockets and covers for different situations. We use a brand off ebay for pockets, flips for covers, and a few fuzzibunz for spare pockets.

Rebecca Orr said...

I have all kinds of diapers and even though I have tons to choose from, I really like my flips. I have two, one with snaps and one with applix. They are really easy and I like that I can reuse them a few times between washings.

Angela said...

I've never tried a Flip. Rump Arounds are my fav! They're pocket diapers and SPECTACULAR!!! The CDLC is amazing! The two snap is similar to a BumGenius or FuziBunz. They're pretty inexpensive, too. :-)


Mo said...

I don't have flip, but about 60% of my stash are Grovia. They are a similar concept and I love them because with two babies it is a lot less diaper laundry than with pockets. I do however prefer applix over snaps because I have had really bad luck with snaps breaking. Also, when the boys were tiny I found that the applix was easier to make fit them.

Unknown said...

Hi just found you on

I'm a new follower & fellow blogger-
hope you'll come on by and say hello!


Amanda said...

Heya! Found you through linking and linking and linking... You know how it goes!
I've got twin boys who are just over 6 months old and I've been SERIOUSLY considering going from disposable to cloth. You know, because your boys look so damn cute in them, I wanted to try :)
You previously said you put them in disposables at night. Do you still do that?
Thank youuuuuuuu!

Max's Mama said...

Hey there! I know I'm late to the game but have you heard of Check them out. They are local in Napa California. Where I live. Great blog.